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Pilates by Lisa is your go-to for online Pilates and reformer workouts. With Lisa’s decade-long experience in delivering high-quality, fully instructed Pilates workouts, dive into our library of over 700 premium classes. From 5-minute stretches to full-length sessions, we cater to your mood, needs, and schedule. Join us and transform your fitness journey with expert-guided Pilates, anytime, anywhere.

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Can’t fit in a workout? Need to get moving? We have workouts ranging from 5 minute blasts to full body studio sessions on the PBL Online Studio that will fit in with your day. Get involved. We provide welcoming workouts for every woman, every where, every time. Each video is curated and choreographed by your world-class instructor Lisa Pentony for the workout you want in the time you have. Join us and get involved!

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