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If you work long hours, are busy with family, if you’re going on holiday or simply can’t fit in with gym timetables then Pilates by Lisa is your online fitness solution! Personalised, one-on-one fitness gets unbelievable results. You can workout from your laptop, phone, tablet, computer or TV. Pilates by Lisa is portable, convenient and affordable, it’s like having your very own personal trainer right there with you!

You will have unlimited global access day & night to a complete ever-growing library of workouts. Feel stronger, leaner, toned & more flexible. Pilates by Lisa is available whenever & wherever you need it. Make a life transforming change now! Feel fantastic, look sensational! Sign up & get started!

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You’ll never get bored! Pilates by Lisa makes it easy for you with the highest quality workouts available. Choose from a quick 10 minute body blast to a full 60 minute comprehensive workout. It’s all about variety, convenience and 24/7 global access. Life is busy, make every moment count!

Back To Basics Core Workout

14.55 min

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Target Your Trouble Zone: Flexibility

33.02 min

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Pilates for Flexibility

18.45 min

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How To Tutorial: How To Avoid Neck Strain

5.88 min

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Pilates for Runners

33.48 min

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Athletic Performance Workout

38.15 min

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Pilates for Sports

29.20 min

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Pilates for Surfing

24.77 min

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Sciatica Relief Workout

27.85 min

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Diastasis Recti Tutorial

25.97 min

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No More Neck and Shoulder Pain

17.72 min

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Pilates for Back Pain

21.65 min

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Burning, Firming Ankle Weight Workout

22.03 min

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Ab Crunching Workout With Ankle Weights

12.35 min

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Butt & Thigh Sculpting Workout with Hand Weights

11.13 min

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Waist Trimming Workout with Hand Weights

20.15 min

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Bridge The Gap Workout

10.57 min

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Crunch Time Workout

12.27 min

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33.80 min

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Instant Butt Lift Workout

15.22 min

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Equipment Workouts

Would you like to purchase a pilates ring and resistance band set? Contact Lisa to find out how

Fitness Ball

Challenge your balance, stability and stamina. The ball will have you using muscles you never new existed, try a workout today!

Ankle Weights

Extra resistance equals extra results. Your entire body will benefit from the fantastic burn these weights provide!

Hand Weights

Maximise your results in minimal time. Discover new, creative ways to use hand weights that will redefine your entire body.

Resistance Band

Stretch, Strengthen and create definition all in one with this portable piece of equipment you can take anywhere with you!

Magic Circle

Tone your thighs, strengthen your core and define your arms. Take your workout to a whole new level with this versatile piece of equipment!

Mat Pilates

No equipment? No problem! Discover just how powerful Pilates can be on it’s own. Change your body with nothing but your mat and a little determination!