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Ultimate Flexibility: Quadriceps

This workout routine focuses on stretching, lengthening and elongating the largest muscle group in the body, the quadriceps! We will be working our way from standing all the way down to the mat to stretch out every muscle from every possible angle! Activities such as running, lifting heavy weights or jumping places excessive stress on the quadriceps. This ultimately leads to overuse of the quads and hip flexors during daily activities and also during exercise. If you've ever noticed the quads or hip flexors burning or tensing during certain exercises (for example, table top position) it means that they are too dominant and are taking all of the load that the hamstrings, core and glutes should be sharing too! When quadricep muscles are overworked, they become tight and cause imbalance in the joints, particularly the knee. When tight quadriceps are accompanied by weak hamstrings, you have all the ingredients for an injury! Too much sitting is another contributor to tight quads. When you sit at a desk for hours on end, your hip flexors shorten. Because all of the muscles connect to form a kinetic chain, tight hip flexors will also shorten the quads and cause them to be inflexible. This workout routine is invaluable whether you are extremely active or have an office job to keep those legs long, lean, flexible and injury free!

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