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Kickstart Your Pilates Day Eleven

Day eleven, I can't believe we are here already! Today we will be focusing on stretching and releasing tension in the neck, shoulders, chest and upper back, a problem area for so many of us! If you're just starting Pilates and you find the you are getting a little neck strain or pain, particularly the abdominal work, it's typically due to tightness through the upper body. In today's ever-plugged in world, when we are looking at our mobile phones, our computers or our tablets, we tend to come into a kyphotic posture, the abdominal muscles are disengaged, the upper back is rounded, the neck is protruding and it is wreaking havoc not only on your posture, but also your health! Having the flexibility and alignment in the upper body will allow you to get deeper into all of the Pilates exercises and help you get much more out of every single repetition!

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