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22.50 min

Kickstart Your Pilates Day Fourteen

Congratulations! You've made it to the end of two WHOLE weeks of technique based, results driven, solid daily Pilates workouts! I'm so proud of you! By now you should be feeling so much stronger, more confident, more aware of your own body and, most importantly, ready to continue your Pilates practice! Today, we are building up on our hard work from the last two days, increasing our repetitions just a little, evening out the pace, smoothing out the transitions and giving you a FANTASTIC full body workout that will challenge any student of Pilates with the right technique, no matter how experienced! I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting you here on the mat every day. This has been the biggest series we have ever released, and hearing your feedback, results and you're pure enjoyment of the method has made it so worthwhile! Thank you!

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