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This week on the Studio...
Hi everyone!

Once you start working out from home, you’ll never look back! Home workouts are just as effective as the gym, if not more, while also saving you commute time, making it much more convenient, affordable and accessible! Our online workout videos are the ultimate way to get you into peak physical condition in the most efficient and effective way possible, all without leaving the living room!
Here are my top tips for making your home workout experience the best possible.
At Home Workouts

Find A Workout That's Right for You!

Certain days call for certain workouts. Just as if you are going to the gym, or working out outside, it’s important to think about what you are trying to achieve. Do you want to work on your core? Are you looking to boost your metabolism? Do you want a short session or a full body, comprehensive workout? Decide what it is you are looking for, then pick the relevant workout video! We now have over 600 workouts with 4 new weekly schedules added every week for your convenience You can do a quick 10 minute blast or a complete full body 60 minute session, focus on your abs, your butt, flexibility…the options are endless! Working on what YOU want to focus on is a great way to keep you motivated!

Schedule Your Workouts

Open up your weekly updated workout schedules and commit to your designated workouts! Schedule it into your day like you would a business meeting and tell yourself you will workout at that time! Stick to it! This will prevent you from putting it off until later and you will feel SO amazing!

Create The Space

Find the perfect space in your home. Set out your mat along with your other equipment. I love working out where it's comfortable, safe, private and when I finish my workout I don’t have to go get in the car and drive anywhere…I’m right where I want to be! This is also great if you work 9-5 and can’t find the time to go to gym before or after work... your gym is now right there in the next room!

No driving, no parking, no waiting, we fit in with YOUR schedule!
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This week on the blog

Exercise After Baby: My Personal Experience

Lisa & Olivia

Since I started posting my workouts with my new apprentice, AKA my daughter Olivia, the biggest question I’ve been getting from my fellow mums is: “How do you find the time to workout?!”

Firstly, let me say that it is not easy working out with a bub or young kiddies in tow, I know every mum can relate to that! Olivia is exclusively breastfed, so finding time to do ANYTHING between feeds has been the biggest challenge of my life!

Coming This Week!

Leg Lift Bonus Move

Get ready to lengthen, strengthen and tone those legs! All you'll need is your mat!
Let's get started!  

Leg Lift Bonus Move

Weekly Schedules

Weekly Schedules





Prenatal Yoga Program

Beginner's Schedule

New to Pilates? This is a detailed, comprehensive schedule comprised of full length, fully instructed workouts to build the strongest Pilates foundations possible!
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