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Want the ultimate online workout videos you can do without leaving the house?

Want to experience a full Pilates studio session from the comfort of home?

If you're isolated at home you may even like to take a break and join me for a virtual class in some of the most beautiful locations on the planet! 

Join me for a leg workout in beautiful New Zealand, a stretching session in iconicCentral Park, power up that powerhouse in the magnificent Swiss Alps or join me on one of our sensational beaches right here in Australia!

The choice is yours!

Health and wellness at home are more important than ever for all of us, and we are so grateful we can offer all of you the opportunity to exercise and feel healthy in the comfort of living rooms worldwide with Pilates By Lisa Streaming Online Workouts!⁣ 

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Did You Know..........

Pilates by Lisa Kickstart Your Pilates 14 Day Beginner Program is the perfect way to start your Pilates practice?

Ever wanted to do a Pilates workout, but don’t really know where to begin…or even what it really is?  You’ve heard along the grapevine that it creates killer abs and lifts your butt, but you have no idea what exactly it involves.  

Are you new to Pilates? Returning to exercise after pregnancy or an injury? Or have you practiced Pilates but would just like to perfect your technique?

This is the most comprehensive, effective program available that will provide you with all of the knowledge, tools and techniques you need to take your Pilates practice to the next level!


Weekly Schedules

Like to follow a schedule? My custom designed, comprehensive weekly workout schedules will help you navigate our growing library of over 500 workout videos to maximise your results! All schedules are updated weekly.