Hi everyone!

Life isn't a dress rehearsal, this is it!

It's too short and fleeting to never realise that body's full potential and just how amazing you can feel. ⁣If you need a helping hand back up on the wagon, these are some mental reset tricks I’ve used personally in the past, and they will work for you too! ⁣

 Forgive Those Sins

⁣It can be easy to let one bad day turn into a bad month, next thing you know a year has gone by and nothing has changed! The main culprit for this? Believing that a fast food dinner and no exercise means the damage is done, so you may as well just give up…there's always next week right? ⁣Just like good habits, bad habits are formed from repetition, if you have some junk food or skip a workout, write it off, let it go and get back on track!⁣

⁣Try this: close your eyes and think back to a time when you were eating healthy, waking up early, doing Pilates and feeling amazing! Immerse the mind in this memory and you will feel as though you are already back on track!⁣

 Just Roll Out Your Mat ⁣

⁣It's all about focusing on one step at a time. Set your alarm 30 mins earlier than usual, then before you do anything else, roll out your Pilates mat. This is sometimes the biggest hurdle! I do this myself, by then I'm too awake to go back to bed…so it would be silly not to just do a 10 minute session! Before I know it two sessions are done, this mind trick has never failed me!⁣

Believe That It Will Become A Habit⁣

⁣It takes 21 days to form a habit. Working hard for just one month sounds like a fair deal if it eventually becomes second nature! ⁣

You can start right here, right now and workout at YOUR convenience! If you’d like to join me, now is the perfect time to start, to make new lifestyle plans, to roll out your mat and feel AMAZING!

See you on the mat!


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