Hi everyone!

This is the last week for all new members to get their Spring Into Summer eBook!

It's our gift to you and it's completely FREE for all members!
The eBook is full of recipes, meal plans, motivation tips,a workout schedule, weekly bonus moves and lots more!

It's a fantastic time of year for cleansing, renewal and rejuvenation, a fresh start in all aspects of life! Sometimes we need "markers" in life to keep us motivated. Whether it be the beginning of a new season, an upcoming special event or even when you just know the time is right to refresh, revitalise and reclaim your health and wellness. This weeks scheduled workouts will see you moving, working and stretching, getting your bodies functioning the way they were designed to work, and leading you down the road to a fitter, toned, healthier, more fantastic you!  
Remember:  Today is Your Day, Start Fresh, Eat Right, Exercise Your Body and Mind, Stand Proud and Enjoy Life!

Let's make this week your best yet!
Have a great week everyone!

Lisa x


Weekly Schedules

Like to follow a schedule? My custom designed, comprehensive weekly workout schedules will help you navigate our growing library of over 500 workout videos to maximise your results! All schedules are updated weekly.