Weekly Schedule

Like to follow a schedule? My custom designed, comprehensive weekly workout schedule will help you navigate our library of 400 workout videos to maximise your results!

Hi everyone!

"You can’t go back to the beginning, but you can start from where you are and change the ending."✨

This is one of my favourite quotes!
Every day is a fresh start with a new mindset, intention, focus and results. 

Let today be the start of something incredible, join me on the online studio for this weeks scheduled workout videos.
We’ve been filming all new incredible workouts I'd love to share with you!

My new and fantastic butt lifting and toning Everyday Essential Clam Workout is coming this week! This is my all time favourite workout if you're short on time and want to do some serious butt sculpting!

We have a comprehensive library of over 500 full length, fully instructed, real time workouts waiting for you to help you achieve any goal!

All new members get a FREE 10 day trial so roll out your mat and join me now!

Lisa x