Weekly Schedule

Like to follow a schedule? My custom designed, comprehensive weekly workout schedule will help you navigate our library of 400 workout videos to maximise your results!

Hi everyone!

Loving the May Makeover or planning on starting it soon? The great thing about the online studio is that you can repeat it or start it any time that fits in with YOUR life! This week let's visualise what we are hoping to achieve as we move into the last week of May. Whether it's a stronger back, firmer tummy, better posture, leaner legs or simply a healthier, happier version of yourself, it is achievable and within everyone's reach. When you begin to notice small changes in your shape, energy levels and mindset, your motivation takes a step up and before long not only you but also those around you will notice a huge difference! It's all about consistency, persistence and moving your body the way it was meant to be moved!  Every workout you cross off your list is a step closer to your visualisation, and the best part, we don't even need to leave home to achieve it!

See you all on the mat!

Lisa x