Hi everyone!

At this hectic time of the year when you’re stressed with work, family and social events, what’s the first thing you let slip from your to-do list? Many people let their health and fitness regimen go by the wayside to make time for duties that seem more important. After all, you can always roll out the mat later, when things settle down, right? The problem is, later doesn’t ever come around, leaving us feeling stressed and burnt out.

The key to transforming your relationship with stress is to stop letting it overwhelm you...that’s where the online studio comes in! No matter how hectic things get, taking even just 10 minutes of your day to reset, recharge and invigorate yourself is essential for your mind, body and soul. You deserve it! That's the beauty of the online studio, you can workout with me anytime, anywhere...I fit in with your Christmas schedule!

Pilates teaches you to tune in to what your body is telling you and to act accordingly. With Pilates, this awareness will spread into all aspects of your life. Taking the time out to look after your health and wellbeing will be one less thing on your plate, and I can guarantee you won't feel as rattled by an intense schedule as you would if you were skipping your workouts! Our online workouts make it as convenient and effective as possible, there's no excuses! This week take time for your Pilates practice, especially if it feels like you don’t have time! You will then notice how much more you can accomplish when you’re calm. Slow down, take a deep breath, and realise that it’s enough to just be present on the mat.

See you on the mat!

Lisa x

Weekly Schedules

Like to follow a schedule? My custom designed, comprehensive weekly workout schedules will help you navigate our growing library of over 500 workout videos to maximise your results! All schedules are updated weekly.