Fundamentals: Traditional Intermediate/Advanced Matwork Part II

The most comprehensive, detailed and effective program available to breakdown the traditional intermediate and advanced matwork!

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Welcome to the Fundamentals Traditional Intermediate/Advanced Matwork Program - Part II.

This is the most comprehensive, detailed and effective program available to breakdown the traditional intermediate and advanced matwork so you can perfect your technique and perform the entire routine with confidence.

This is the matwork as Joseph Pilates originally intended, there is nothing like it for creating your healthiest, fittest and strongest body yet. Learn each individual exercise in precise detail with hints, tips and tricks that will take you to the next level. I can't wait to see you on the mat!

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DAY ELEVEN: Open Leg Rocker

The Open Leg Rocker can be quite intimidating. In this tutorial we will be breaking down the exercise so you can really perfect your technique!

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DAY TWELVE: Corkscrew

Joe Pilates originally incorporated the Corkscrew into the mat work to massage the internal organs and stabilise the shoulder joint. It's fantastic for strengthening your Powerhouse and improving pelvic stability.

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The saw is a rotational exercise that is extremely beneficial as not only does it incorporate rotation, but also flexion of the spine, making it a dynamic and highly efficient movement.

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The neck roll releases and stretches through the neck extensor muscles and realigns your cervical spine. It is the first time we come into extension in the traditional sequence, so it feels incredible!

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DAY FIFTEEN: Single Leg Kick

The single leg kick is a back extension exercise designed to strengthen the postural muscles. It increases abdominal strength, tones the hamstrings and glutes and lengthens the quadriceps and hip flexors.

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DAY SIXTEEN: Double Leg kick

The double leg kick is designed to develop your back extension, increasing the flexibility of your spine and strengthening the entire back of the body. So let's practice each element of the exercise!

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The neck pull is one of the more challenging exercises in the mat work. In this tutorial we are focusing on increasing strength, length and stability in the smaller muscles so that this exercise can be perfected!

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The three exercises that comprise the traditional side leg work create beautiful, long, lean legs and a strong Powerhouse. We will break down each individual exercise then put them together in sequence!

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The teaser embodies so much of what Pilates is all about: core strength, control, stability, balance and precision. Let's break down the exercise so you feel ready to perform the teaser with confidence!

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The seal is such a fun exercise! It's designed to massage the spine, increase your stability and your control. We are going to learn how to execute this entertaining yet extremely beneficial exercise.

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DAY TWENTY-ONE: Complete Workout

This is where your hard work and practice comes together! We will flow through the exercises seamlessly with control and precision, putting all of our transitions into practice right from beginning to end.

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