Ultimate Flexibility Challenge

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Joe Pilates always said we are only as young as our spines are flexible. If you want to realise your bodies true potential, our “Ultimate Flexibility” online challenge is for you!

All members will receive complete access to this program plus a FREE eBook that contains daily bonus moves, workout schedules, checklists, motivation tips and guides to keep the body young, fit and flexible for life!

This program makes flexibility achievable for everyone, from professional athletes to true beginners. The workouts will increase your mobility, improve your range of motion and eliminate aches and pains.

Each individual session will focus on a different area of the body, including the neck and upper body, spine, rotational movement, hips, hamstrings, quadriceps, the splits and finally culminating in a full body flexibility routine. You will achieve the ultimate in strength, flexibility and mobility that you’ve always wanted!

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