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I’m excited to announce the all new Pilates by Lisa Amazing Arms Challenge!

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Join me for sensational new workouts and bonus moves that will get your arms and upper body feeling strong PLUS looking slender, toned AND awesome!

We’ll be releasing 5 brand new, full length, fully instructed workout videos for the Challenge PLUS there are five all new bonus moves included in your FREE eBook that will take your results to the next level. The best part about our Challenges… they’re included in your membership! That’s right, FREE for all members!

I'm excited to join you all for this Program that you can repeat as often as you like and add to any other workout you do as well, so, let's get started!

Here's a sample of what your 30 page eBook contains:


Upcoming PBL Challenges to not only get you looking great BUT feeling sensational too!

All members receive their own personal interactive eBook/s for EVERY Challenge!

November - Amazing Arms 5 Day Challenge

December - Love Your Legs Amplified 7 Day Booster Challenge

January - New Year New You 28 Day Challenge

Don't miss out!  All Challenges are included in your membership!


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