Workout From Home: My Top Tips

Once you start to workout from home, you’ll never look back! When you workout from home, it is just as effective as the gym, if not more, whilst also saving you commute time, making it much more convenient, affordable and accessible! Our online workout videos are the ultimate way to workout from home and get into peak physical condition in the most efficient and effective way possible, all without leaving the living room! Here are my top tips to workout from home and make it the best experience possible. 

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Find A Workout That Is Right for You!

Certain days call for certain workouts. Just as if you are going to the gym, or working out outside, it’s important to think about what you are trying to achieve. Do you want to work on your core? Are you looking to boost your metabolism? Do you want a short workout or a full body comprehensive workout? Decide what it is you are looking for, then pick the relevant video! We now have over 700 workouts with new ones added regularly. You can do a quick 10 minute blast or a complete body 60 minute session, focus on your abs, your butt, flexibility… the options are endless! Working on what YOU want to focus on is a great way to keep you motivated and interested in your workout too!


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Schedule Your Workouts.

Open up your weekly workout schedules that are updated weekly and commit to your designated workouts! Schedule it into your day like you would a business meeting and tell yourself you will workout at that time, say, 7am. Stick to it! This will prevent you from putting it off until later and you will feel SO amazing for the rest of the day!

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Put On Workout Gear!

Sometimes you need to look the part to feel the part, commit to your workout by putting on your favourite workout gear! Cute workout clothes will help you get in the right frame of mind and motivate you for a workout. You’ll be all dressed up with LOTS of workouts to do!



Create The Space.

Find the perfect space in your home. For me, it’s my bedroom. I have my mat all set out along with my other equipment, right in front of the computer! I have also done my workouts in the living room whilst watching the laptop or iPad. I love working out in both areas, it’s comfortable, safe, private and when I finish my workout I don’t have to get in the car and drive anywhere… I’m right where I want to be! This is also great If your work 9-5 and can’t find the time to go to gym before or after work, your gym is right there in the next room!

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Plan Your Meals and Snacks!

Save that snack until after your workout. If you eat right before you workout, you will feel sluggish and uncomfortable and chances are you won’t end up working out. Pick a time to workout, then make sure you don’t eat for at least an hour beforehand. It’s also a great way to reward yourself after your workout!


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Get the Right Gear, Improvise for Equipment You Don’t Have.

The majority of our online workouts are bodyweight classes that require no equipment at all and are incredibly effective and provide so much variety! Adding equipment, however, can help you target specific areas and help you to progress and get stronger. My top two recommendations are a resistance band and a pair of handweights. These two pieces of equipment will add options to your workouts and they are so much fun too!

If you don’t have equipment, you can always improvise! For example if you don’t have hand weights, two cans of soup or water bottles are a great alternative!


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How do you workout from home? What does your space look like? I love seeing your photos and hearing your feedback!

xx Lisa


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