Why Every Runner Should Be Doing Pilates

Wed, June 01, 2016

Whether you’re a marathon runner or weekend jogger, there’s no doubt that running is an easy way to keep in great cardiovascular shape! The pitfall is that all of the wear and tear associated with such a high impact form of exercise can lead to serious tears, strains and pulls. The repetitive nature can make you develop poor body mechanics, causing certain muscles to become overused while others become severely underused. It's not uncommon for runners to suffer from lower back pain, hip bursitis and knee issues.

If you are beyond frustrated that pain is getting in the way of your routine, Pilates is the solution you've been looking for! Pilates exercises create a stronger, more flexible spine and core, promote faster recovery from strains or injuries and build strength in the deeper stabilising muscles that support your joints and give them longevity!

For a runner, posture, strength, form, stability and technique are critical. Pilates not only improves all of these areas, but it also creates greater body awareness, so you will notice straight away if you are falling back into old bad habits with your running stride. A strong back is essential to keep your running stride in optimal form, and Pilates is the best way to build up the back muscles evenly and realign the spine for better stability.

Breathing is another critical key to efficent, effective running. Pilates breathing allows you to expand the diaphragm completely and increases your lung capacity. This means better concentration, improved energy, stamina, endurance and not only a stronger body, but a stronger respiratory system too!

Pilates also dramatically improves your flexibility, strength, and balance by increasing your range of motion in the hips and shoulders. This means you will eliminate fatigue due to less strain on the body and your joints. Shave seconds off your times by moving more efficiently!

Try this free 30 minute workout video from our online studio and experience the incredible benefitsd of Pilates. Run without pain, improve your stride and realise your body's full potential!