Top Five Workouts For A Better Butt!

Thu, April 07, 2016

Pilates is the ULTIMATE way to tighten and tone your butt and thighs! It works the deep, intrinsic muscles that not only lift, firm and sculpt your bottom, but also give you amazing support and stability. These are my top 5 workouts for a better butt, click on the images to go to the workouts!

Inferno Leg Workout

This workout is perfect as mixes things up with small and large ranges of motion, using targeted moves to completely change the shape of your legs! This workout will torch your trouble spots and set those muscles on fire!

Leg Perfection Workout

This Leg Perfection routine is perfect for fine tuning and toning your entire lower body! Lift your butt, sculpt your thighs and get strong, lean legs. Working the deeper underlying muscles that give you support, stamina and control, you will completely reshape your body!


Firming Burning Ankle Weight Workout

Pilates is the BEST workout to burn calories, firm your body and look sensational. We’ve taken it to a whole new level with the “Burning, Firming Ankle Weight Workout”. Feel your body transform with this fun, effective, intense workout. With or without ankle weights, it’s going to sculpt a killer body! It’s my personal favourite ankle weight workout!


Instant Butt Lift Workout

Ready for some serious leg work? This powerful workout will have your glutes and hamstrings firing. Targeted toning moves will sculpt your legs and instantly give that butt a boost!

Toned in 10 Series Butt & Thighs

This short, challenging workout targets the lower body to tone, sculpt and define when you’re short on time! I LOVE to do this workout when I’m pressed for time but want to get maximum results and feel thoroughly worked. You will achieve some seriously slim, toned, sexy legs! Fit it in whenever you can, all it takes is a spare 10 minutes!