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Fitness Christmas Gift Guide!

The PBL Fitness Christmas Gift Guide is here! Christmas shopping can be hard. When you’re searching high and low for family and friends who seem impossible to buy for, it can be tempting to leave your shopping until the 11th hour (or more specifically 9 pm on December 24th.) But never fear…this year I have […]

The PBL Fitness Christmas Gift Guide is here! Christmas shopping can be hard. When you’re searching high and low for family and friends who seem impossible to buy for, it can be tempting to leave your shopping until the 11th hour (or more specifically 9 pm on December 24th.) But never fear…this year I have you covered!

This is the ultimate Christmas Fitness Gift Guide for the fitness lover in your life! From workouts to equipment, mats to wearable tech, these are my top picks for amazing presents when you want to “WOW” somone!

PBL Online Gift Certificate

First up in our fitness Christmas gift guide is a PBL Gift Certificate! This is THE perfect Christmas gift for the fitness lover in your life! You can gift a Pilates By Lisa Online Membership to that special someone from 1-12 Months. Best. Present. Ever. 

They will get unlimited 24/7 global access to over 600 world-class streaming and downloadable Pilates workouts, they will never want to leave home to workout again! They can stream all of our videos  including classic Pilates mat classes, Reformer, Yoga, Meditations, PBL Live, PBL Kitchen, beginner workouts, pre and postnatal classes and so much more! They can download workouts on the PBL app for offline viewing and also access our weekly schedules, curated programs, member challenges, recipes videos and everything else included on the online studio!

No commitments, no lock-in contracts, just the perfect gift for your fitness loving family and friends!

Workout Series & Programs

Looking for something more specific? You can now buy or rent our specially curated programs and collections!

Our most popular programs and workouts are now available to buy or rent with one easy payment. No recurring subscription required, just the perfect collection of workouts for the ultimate Christmas gift!

Some of our most popular collections include The Adore Your Core Series, Ultimate Flexibility Program, Love Your Legs Amplified, Amazing Arms Program, The Ultimate Reformer Package and so much more!

Bowern Yoga Mat

No PBL Fitness Christmas gift guide would be complete without a top-shelf mat. A great exercise mat is an absolute must have for all Pilates and Yoga enthusiasts. For me, once I tried Bowern Yoga Mats, there was no turning back.

These mats make your time on the mat an indulgent luxury, they are a game changer! My favourite is the Praiano Mat with a beautiful Bougainvillea pattern, it’s an absolute dream to workout on.

It’s made of 100% biodegradable & recyclable rubber with a micro-fibre suede top with no latex, silicone, toxic glue, PVC or nasties.

Ultimate Band Package

Get the ultimate toning and sculpting from your workouts with our Ultimate Resistance Band Bundle! Activate and target those small, underlying muscles and get them fired up, stronger and looking lean!


Booty bands are a fantastic accessory to our home workouts. Portable and convenient, they will enhance your performance and get you real results! Booty Band Pack Includes 2 loop bands and a carry bag.

Resistance strength: 1 Light, 1 Medium

Band size: 62cm x 5cm

Pouch size: 18cm x 13cm


Make the most of your workouts with our resistance bands. Lightweight and easy to use, the resistance of the bands will tone, strengthen, improve posture and increase your range of motion. These bands add another dimension to basic exercises and are great travel buddies.

Includes: 1 Band

Resistance strength: Medium

Band size: 180cm x 15cm


The new revolution in resistance bands! Fantastic for targeted toning these ultimate fabric bands won’t curl, stick or snap! These hands-free, non-slip bands are ideal to build added strength and provide resistance to take your workouts to the next level! Strong, durable and perfect for travelling too!

Resistance strength: Firm

Loop size: 74cm x 8cm

Whoop Accessory

My husband bought me a Whoop last Christmas after getting so much value out of his own, and I have to say that I absolutely love mine too!

The Whoop Strap is a fitness tracker that measures your sleep and sleep quality, workout intensity and how you recover from your workouts, and provides metrics, data and suggestions on how to improve all of those areas.

Knowledge is power, and seeing the real time date on my sleep and recovery with a 1 year old co-sleeper has really helped me make adjustments to my routine and habits so that I feel better, have more energy and recover with ease. This is a great gift for anyone wanting to improve their overall health and wellness!


⁣⁣Do you have a serious Pilates lover in your life? Christmas is the perfect time to take the next step with Pilates and try our home reformer workouts with a reformer machine!

Practicing reformer workouts from the comfort of home is the perfect solution, home reformers are more portable and affordable than ever before…an investment in an at-home reformer will save you SO much time and money in the long run! Studio classes can be upwards of $40 per session, with your own machine and our online workouts, you can practice 24/7 on your own schedule, making this a very smart long term investment in health.

Our online reformer workouts build not only strength and muscle tone, but also confidence, skills and technique with both equipment and mat workouts. Looking for a reformer but don’t know where to start? I’ve got you covered!

If you’re looking for a home reformer, I love my Align F2 home reformer from Pilates Reformers Australia. This is the machine that is featured in all of the workouts we have on the online studio, and I also use it for my own personal practice. I’ve used almost every studio reformer model under the sun, and this stands among the best. Our online members get a 5% discount with code LISA1, you won’t regret it!⁣

Maybe you’re ready to go all the way and sign up for a PBL Membership, the perfect self-love present and treat for yourself! If you’re ready to try full length, real-time workout videos, the PBL Online Studio is for you! Sign up and get access to the entire PBL Online Studio, click the image below and start today! 

Get unlimited access to amazing full-length Pilates workouts available online. 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week anytime, anywhere! Use code NEWMEMBER to get 50% off the first month!