Something New And Something To Look Forward To! Weekly Schedule And Newsletter!

Sun, April 17, 2016

Hi everyone!
Something special for all our members is happening in the coming weeks!

First of all, as a special Pilates by Lisa BONUS, all members will receive a free, comprehensive diet plan as part of our "May Makeover". We are very excited about this and can't wait to share it with you!

Secondly, to save our members searching e-mails for their daily schedule of workouts, it is now easily accessible on the homepage of the website.

Simply click on the day you want, as shown below, and away you go!

Also, as part of the new look, instead of receiving an e-mail every week, we have a newsletter posted to the website which will include our latest workouts, blog features, interesting facts and maybe even a recipe thrown in!

The newsletter is available on the website, under the "Blog" heading, as below, and will be ready for you to go every Monday! Your weekly workout schedule is also included as part of the weekly  newsletter!

We are so excited to bring you the "May Makeover"!
Available to all members, check next weeks newsletter for more details!
Lisa xo



Toned In Ten: Upper Body

Take ten and create a lean, defined, sculpted upper body! No equipment is required for this workout, we will be creating strong arms, toned backs and lifted chests with just our own body weight! You will be amazed at how effective this workout is with regular practice. Get started today!

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Ten to Terrific Butt Workout

Take 10 minutes out of your day to lift your behind and get a toned, terrific butt! This tush-toning workout will sculpt and tone your butt with moves that are fun, effective and get the results you want! Get ready to feel the burn!

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Slimdown Workout

Streamline your body, tone up, look sensational and feel amazing with the new “SlimDown Workout”! I’ve designed this workout so that the exercises flow seamlessly to give you an intense, effective and challenging workout that will leave you feeling an incredible burn! Change your body in as little as 25 minutes, try it now!

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Long And Limber

Feel long, limber, strong and streamlined with this fantastic 15 minute Pilates workout to stretch, elongate and rejuvenate the entire body. Flush toxins from your body, improve your posture and create the perfect Pilates Silhouette. Great for all levels!

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This is THE workout to burn calories, sculpt your muscles and increase your fitness like never before! My new favourite workout will have you working up a sweat and getting that metabolism firing with a unique combination of Pilates moves. You are going to LOVE it! Use this workout as a benchmark and work up to completing every repetition, a great challenge!

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Fit In 15: Leg Workout

15 minutes is all it will take to sculpt, lift and define your entire lower body! Join me for this non-stop circuit routine that is the first in a four part "Fit in 15" series. You are going to LOVE this workout, See and feel results fast!

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Power up Your Powerhouse

If your looking for the fastest, most effective way to strengthen your powerhouse, slim your waist and define your muscles, then look no further! This is a fantastic 10 minute workout that gets right to the core straight away. With exercises such as the single leg stretch, double leg stretch, hamstring pull, criss cross and planks, you will feel powered up and ready to go.

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Toned in 10 Full Body

Tone, strengthen and define your entire body in this amazing 10 minute sculpting workout! We start with a leg series that burns and firms the glutes, hamstrings and quads, whilst the abdominal series creates a rock hard core. You will finish with arm work that creates a beautifully defined upper body and really pushes you to your maximum effort! Give this a go and you’ll be finished before you know it!

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Sexy Silhouette Workout

Redefine your shape and create curves in all of the right places with this targeted toning workout. Specifically focusing on your obliques, hips, butt and outer thighs, this workout will dramatically transform your figure!

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Rock Hard Core

Tone your core and get a rock hard Powerhouse in this amazing, ab-defining workout! Feel both challenged and recharged after this 15 minute blast that gets right into your centre, giving you strength, stability, stamina and total core control!

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Rapid Results Workout

This workout is the best way to fast track your results to get the body of your dreams! This challenging 15 minute session covers all of your bases: a strong core segment, challenging lower body moves and upper body sculptors! Maximum results in minimum time, it does fly when you're having fun!

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Body Burner Workout

Get ready for an incredible ab firming, leg burning, upper body sculpting session! The small isometric contractions of the muscles performed in this class will get those muscles burning, creating a long, lean, graceful Pilates body! For optimum definition and sculpting of your body, get down on the mat and join me now!

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"Side Cincher Workout"

We will be working deep into our obliques, gluteals and outer thighs to cinch, tone and strengthen the outline of your body!

This is a fun, challenging session, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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