No More April-Fooling Around! 7 Day Workout Plan!

Mon, April 04, 2016

Did you eat your body weight in chocolate over easter? I know that we had our fair share here! Now it's time to stop fooling around and get back on track for April!

What better time to get focused and get into your workout routine than after a fun, relaxing Easter? It's the perfect motivation to do your online workouts daily, stick to this plan for just 7 days and you won't believe how great you'll feel by next Sunday! Detoxified, strong, slim and re-energised, don't let the feeling pass you by!

Use this workout plan to ensure your entire body gets a thorough workout throughout the week, this balanced program will ensure you get the most out of every day and really make the most of your time.

See you on the mat!

xx Lisa


Amazing Arm Defining Workout

This incredible, upper body toning workout requires no equipment at all, perfect for when you are travelling or on the go and need a quick, effective upper body blast! Strengthen and define the triceps, biceps, chest, back and shoulders with this fun, challenging workout. It’s tough, but it works!

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Leg Perfection Workout

This Leg Perfection routine is perfect for fine tuning and toning your entire lower body! Lift your butt, sculpt your thighs and get strong, lean legs. Working the deeper underlying muscles that give you support, stamina and control, you will completely reshape your body!

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Slimdown Workout

Streamline your body, tone up, look sensational and feel amazing with the new “SlimDown Workout”! I’ve designed this workout so that the exercises flow seamlessly to give you an intense, effective and challenging workout that will leave you feeling an incredible burn! Change your body in as little as 25 minutes, try it now!

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Detox Stretch

Elongate your body and detox your system with this beautiful, invigorating stretching session! Energise, revitalise and boost your lymphatic system with these powerful stretches that will dramatically improve your posture, fitness and wellbeing.

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This is THE workout to burn calories, sculpt your muscles and increase your fitness like never before! My new favourite workout will have you working up a sweat and getting that metabolism firing with a unique combination of Pilates moves. You are going to LOVE it! Use this workout as a benchmark and work up to completing every repetition, a great challenge!

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Trim It Down Leg Workout

This is one of those workouts where you can feel the results immediately! After completing this workout your body will feel trim, toned and terrific, it is a KILLER! Get ready to work the gluteals, hamstrings, inner and outer thighs for a complete lower body transformation.

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Rapid Results Workout

This workout is the best way to fast track your results to get the body of your dreams! This challenging 15 minute session covers all of your bases: a strong core segment, challenging lower body moves and upper body sculptors! Maximum results in minimum time, it does fly when you're having fun!

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Lisa's Favourites: Upper Body Workout

I've had a lot of requests for an upper body workout with no equipment. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to compile my all time favourite arm sculpting moves into one challenging session! I could feel every muscle in my upper body for days after this class, and I know you will too!

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Sexy Silhouette Workout

Redefine your shape and create curves in all of the right places with this targeted toning workout. Specifically focusing on your obliques, hips, butt and outer thighs, this workout will dramatically transform your figure!

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Rock Hard Core

Tone your core and get a rock hard Powerhouse in this amazing, ab-defining workout! Feel both challenged and recharged after this 15 minute blast that gets right into your centre, giving you strength, stability, stamina and total core control!

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Standing Slim Workout

A standing Pilates/Barre fusion that will transform you from head to toe! The fantastic thing about this workout is that it is low impact on your joints, yet it gets the heart pumping, muscles burning and best of all it sculpts your muscles to Pilates perfection. Get ready to get your sweat on!

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Body Burner Workout

Get ready for an incredible ab firming, leg burning, upper body sculpting session! The small isometric contractions of the muscles performed in this class will get those muscles burning, creating a long, lean, graceful Pilates body! For optimum definition and sculpting of your body, get down on the mat and join me now!

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