Natural Skincare Solutions that REALLY work!

Fri, April 01, 2016

There is nothing worse than suffering from a sudden skin freak-out, especially just before a big event! Stress, diet, lifestyle and hormones can wreak havoc on our skin. No matter how consistent and vigilant we are with our skincare routine, sometimes we just can’t control those breakouts! Here’s a few of my absolute favourite tried and true remedies that are completely natural, oh-so-easy, contain no hidden nasties and the best bit? Cheap! In fact, look no further than the pantry.

Natural is always the better option! Instead of your skin absorbing toxic chemicals, stripping your skin of it’s natural oils and dousing it in synthetic, man-made lotions and potions, you’re feeding your skin natural goodness, and it will thank you! Incorporating simple, natural ingredients into your skin care regime is the ultimate clear-skin solution.

Honey Cleansing in the Morning

First thing in the morning, a fantastic way to cleanse your skin, eliminate bacteria and feel completely revitalised is to cleanse with honey! I love to wash my face with Manuka Honey, raw honey has natural antibacterial and healing properties, and it does an amazing job of cleaning your skin whilst maintaining your skin’s natural oils. I love the way that my skin feels after washing with it!

After rinsing your face with warm water, massage ½ tsp of Manuka Honey into your skin and rinse. So simple!

Doing this regularly will inhibit the growth of acne causing bacteria. You will notice your breakouts are less frequent, your skin will be smooth and silky, and you know you are feeding your skin with delicious goodness!

Rose Water Toner

I never leave the house without a spray bottle of rose water toner. I love to spritz my face through the day and it has an amazing way of making your makeup stay put all day! The rose water contains PH balancing properties that keep your skin clean and clear! It’s anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and smells absolutely divine! I get mine from the local Priceline store but it is also fun to make your own!

Jojoba Oil Moisturiser

Jojoba is a popular ingredient in lots of skincare products. My theory is, why put all of the other additives on your skin when you can just put the active ingredient straight onto your skin?! Putting more oil on your face may sound counterproductive in the fight against blemishes, but Jojoba will nourish, soothe and rejuvenate your skin.

Some of my other favourite natural moisturisers to use include rosehip oil, almond oil, vitamin E and coconut oil!

Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Manuka Honey Spot Treatment And Scrub

Since I have been using this solution my breakouts have diminished! It’s so easy and smells so good!

I mix equal parts Manuka Honey with cinnamon, I use about a teaspoon of each but this will vary depending on how much you need. Add a pinch of ground nutmeg and mix well into a paste that is not too thick nor too runny, just easy to work with.

Apply a small amount to blemishes and leave it on for as long as possible, great when your having a lazy day at home or a night in! Make sure you keep it away from broken or very irritated skin, you don’t want to make it worse! You can make a small batch of this treatment and keep it in the fridge so you always have a beautiful, soothing treatment on hand! You can also use this as a facial scrub to eliminate blackheads twice a week!

Avocado and Oats Face Mask

Simple, all natural, chemical and additive free, this DIY mask will moisturise and brighten your skin leaving you with a healthy glow! Perfect for soothing a sudden breakout or as a preventative method!


 1 ripe avocado to moisturise and smooth

1/3 cup of raw oats to soothe and nourish

1 tbsp. manuka honey for it’s anti-bacterial properties

1 tbsp. of sage oil to regenerate the skin

1 tbsp. vitamin E oil to promote anti-ageing and give you beautiful skin!

Mix all of the ingredients together and leave on for as long as you can, it may not be the prettiest mask you’ll ever wear…but it’s worth it!

Oil Cleansing At Night

There is nothing better than taking all of your makeup off at the end of a long day. Using coconut oil as a natural cleanser removes all traces of impurities and leaves your skin squeaky clean! It removes all traces of make-up and pollution from the day, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple. One teaspoon of coconut oil is all you need, gently massage around your face and rinse with warm water. This is the time you can use your rose water spritz and your favourite natural moisturiser.

Try these natural solutions and let me know how it works for you! xx Lisa