My Top Winter Workout Motivation Tips!

Tue, May 30, 2017

As winter sets in and the temperatures drop, it can be harder than ever to get motivated to hit the mat and workout!

It's getting cold, and it can be dark when you leave for work and even darker coming home. The easy thing to do would be to curl up under the doona for an extra 30 minutes in the morning or snuggle up on the couch after a long day. However, maintaining an exercise routine is as important as ever, so here are my top tips to keep the fire burning all winter long and keep building your motivation as temperatures go south!

Focus on the benefits

While Winter conjures images of cosying up on the couch in front of the heater and eating rich foods with the knowledge that a few extra pounds is easily hidden by a big woolly jumper, exercising in the winter months is even more crucial than in the summer! We all know that Summer bodies are created in Winter, but regular Pilates workouts also keep your immune system in top shape so you'll be ready to fend off any nasty Winter bugs. 

Pilates will also keep the winter blues at bay by keeping your endorphin levels up. Sometimes when it's grey, cold and miserable outside it can be easy to get a little down, but getting on the mat and getting your blood flowing and core firing is a sure way to instantly improve your mood!

Workout Online

The beauty of working out online? No warming the car up or blasting the heaters, no dash to the gym in the bitter cold, no deciding how many layers to wear or getting home in the cold and the dark, it really is the ultimate Winter fitness solution! You can workout in the cosiest spot in your home, you can even workout in your bed socks if you like! It’s convenient, accessible and will warm you to the core so you feel toasty for the day ahead. Sign up now and get ready for our Winter Challenge, starting next Monday 5th of June!

Set a goal

Aiming for an end goal can push you up and out of you warm bed. Fear of failure is a motivating thing. Whether it’s fitting into your old jeans or just simply feeling confident as the weather warms up again, thinking of that end goal will help! Your Winter goals should be SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound. Think about what motivates you the most to exercise and keep visualising the end result and how it will feel when you achieve your goals. It works wonders!

Treat Yourself

Promising yourself a reward can produce super-human motivation! I avoid unhealthy sweets and treats to maintain a clean diet and also to keep my figure in shape for work, but I do tell myself that if I get up and workout first thing in the morning every day from Monday to Friday, I can have something I LOVE on the weekends!Whether it’s an indulgent hot chocolate or those winter boots you’ve been eyeing off, a dangling carrot can be the difference between getting your workout done or not!

Partner up

Find yourself an exercise buddy so you can motivate each other. 

You'll be far less inclined to cancel a workout if you're letting someone else down too! Organise a coffee date at home where you can do one of our online Pilates workouts together in the comfort, convenience and warmth of the living room! Make some healthy treats to enjoy afterwards and you’ve got yourself the ultimate catch up with your girlfriends, no braving the weather required!

For our upcoming Winter Challenge on the online studio, our major prizes will go to the members who demonstrate the most support and encouragement amongst not only our existing community, but towards their friends who are yet to discover the power of Pilates! 

We will be awarding these prizes for the most friend referrals who join the challenge! 

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