My Pregnancy Transformation: Week By Week Progression!

Tue, June 16, 2020

My pregnancy Journey: a week-by-week transformation project almost a year in the making!

We started documenting this when I first found out I was pregnant, and I can’t believe the incredible journey it has been now Olivia is 12 days old!

I’ve never felt happier, prouder, stronger or amazed by just what a woman’s body is capable of in my life! I’ve always had a great relationship with my body and my own mother always taught me to focus on being healthy over looking a certain way, but for me, and I’m sure many mum’s out there, body positivity has taken on a whole new meaning. 

The respect and gratefulness I have for a body that grew my beautiful daughter Olivia, looked after me throughout my pregnancy, did everything it could for a safe, natural delivery and now working away at healing and mending is just mind-blowing.

The post-partum journey is remarkable. Olivia and I have already been working together during tummy time on gentle postnatal stretching and strengthening routines that I can’t wait to share with you!

Every woman’s journey is different & every mum has her own unique path, but I think it’s important we all just adopt one thing: kindness towards our bodies. 

Everything you think and say to that body is important because it’s always listening, and so are those beautiful babies of ours! Tell yourself and baby every day you are beautiful, capable, strong and incredible. You are exactly where you need to be.You can do anything you set that mind to. You are loved, always. ��