My Personal Favourite Workout Combinations!

Thu, May 25, 2017

The best thing about our online Pilates studio is that you can mix and match the full-length workouts to meet your exact goals! Our library is so extensive you will never do the same combination twice and therefore maximising your results! These are my personal favourite workout combinations that I like to pair together to get a comprehensive, full body sculpting and toning workout!

Combination One: Lean & Limber...No Equipment Required!

Lower Body Blast

If you want to shape sexy, sculpted legs, then this targeted, specific workout will provide the fastest results! Your bottom, hamstrings, inner and outer thighs will feel a burn like no other. Suitable for all levels, you will be creating long, lean, slender, athletic muscles. This workout is also fantastic for strengthening the crucial stabilising muscles that support the pelvis, hip and knee joints in order to prevent injury, increase flexibility and keep you exercising longer and harder!

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Long And Limber

Feel long, limber, strong and streamlined with this fantastic 15 minute Pilates workout to stretch, elongate and rejuvenate the entire body. Flush toxins from your body, improve your posture and create the perfect Pilates Silhouette. Great for all levels!

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Combination Two: Complete Body Sculpting With The Band

Upper Body Sculpting Blast

If you want a lean, sculpted, toned upper body, then this is the ultimate workout for you! Not only will you reshape your body, but you will also strengthen crucial stabilising muscles that support the scapula and spine. You will correct your posture whilst standing taller and prouder than ever before! I personally swear by this workout to define my upper body. Join me for a 20 minute exciting, challenging session that is guaranteed to get you results!

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Reformer On The Mat Leg Workout

This is a fantastic lower body defining session that takes all of my favourite sculpting moves from the reformer onto the mat. The resistance band is the ultimate portable, convenient reformer that you can use anytime, anywhere!

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Combination Three: Magic Circle Makeover!

Magic Circle Lower Body Blast

Get ready to shape, sculpt and tone your lower body like never before! The Pilates By Lisa Magic Circle Lower Body Blast is the ultimate way to get into shape and look fine from behind! The Pilates magic circle is a fantastic, portable Pilates prop that you can use to enhance your Pilates workout and challenge every muscle like never before! It is a resistance-training tool that tones and sculpts every inch of your legs. This is one of my favourite workouts and the results are instant!

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Complete Core Magic Circle Workout

This workout was filmed at beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina! This magic circle workout is a complete, 360 degree core routine! We will be targeting even your deepest stabilising muscles of the Powerhouse, working through every possible range of motion to create definition and strengthen the transverse abdominals, rectus abdominals, internal and external obliques and back extensors!

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Combination Four: Balance, Strength & Flexibility!

Balance And Strength Leg Workout

This workout is a fantastic combination of Strengthening and balanced moves to really give you extra results!

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Central Park Stretch

We are on the beautiful Central Park in New York City working on our flexibility, strength and control! This workout is going to lengthen your body, improve your mobility and increase your muscle definition.

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Combination Five: Killer Ankle Weight Sculpting Session!


Ab Crunching Workout With Ankle Weights

Get set to feel those abdominals work like never before! With the added resistance of 1 kg ankle weights, you are taking your Pilates workout to a whole new level. Tone, sculpt and define your powerhouse and create a long, lean Pilates body with this fun twist on your traditional workout!

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Leg Firming Workout With Ankle Weights

This is an amazing workout to completely reshape and slim your entire leg. Your hips, butt, hamstrings, inner and outer thighs will burn like never before with this fun workout using 1 kg ankle weights. Achieve the legs of your dreams with this effective class.

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