My Favourite Heart-Pumping Cardio Workouts!

Thu, June 08, 2017

When I want to strengthen, lengthen, tone and define my entire body and get my heart racing and blood pumping at the same time, these are my absolute go-to workouts! Check out this blog to discover my top five heart-pumping workouts, with everything from Pilates with ankle weights, standing barre, circuit style classes and more! 


This is THE workout to burn calories, sculpt your muscles and increase your fitness like never before! My new favourite workout will have you working up a sweat and getting that metabolism firing with a unique combination of Pilates moves. You are going to LOVE it! Use this workout as a benchmark and work up to completing every repetition, a great challenge!

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Barre Sculpt

This workout takes elements from Pilates and ballet barre to give you the ultimate, body-transforming class! Designed to strengthen, lengthen and tone your muscles, it is a full body workout that emphasises, defines and sculpts every inch with the addition of hand weights. During this 30 minute class you will work through a series of exercises that will chisel your body to perfection!

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Barre Blast Workout

This Barre Blast workout is short, sharp and sweaty. Integrating elements of Pilates, ballet barre, cardio and stretching, it will get you fit, strong and toned fast! If you want the long, lean body of a dancer, then this is the workout for you. Get ready to be pushed, stretched and challenged...with perfect technique of course! Feel the burn!

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Complete New You Circuit

A new spin on your Pilates workout! Join me for this circuit style class that targets your abs, gluteals, hamstrings, upper body and flexibility using dynamic, effective moves! This is a fast paced, energetic and challenging workout that really gets results! Keep an eye out for more circuit workouts to come.

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Strong & Streamlined Workout

Slim, tone and define every inch of your body with the added resistance of 1 kg ankle weights! Lengthen and streamline your legs, get a tight, taut midsection and a sexy, strong upper body. A gruelling workout that gets results… and fast!

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