My Best Pilates Tips For Beginners!

Ever wanted to do a Pilates workout, but don’t really know where to begin…or even what it really is? You’ve heard along the grapevine that it creates killer abs and lifts your butt, but you have no idea what exactly it involves. These are my best Pilates tips for beginners to bite the bullet and start your Pilates practice! Warning: You will be HOOKED once you start, it’s so addictive!

Practice And Persistence Make Perfect

Just like with anything else, the more you practice, the better you will become! Pilates is not an easy workout, it’s a very physical, challenging method of fitness that will work you to the core, literally! Consistency is the absolute key with Pilates, the results will be phenomenal with dedication to your workouts. The exercises in Pilates move your body exactly how it’s meant to, in every possible range of motion! Stick with it and the visible results will start to show, including defined muscles, better posture and a leaner, slimmer physique. Along with the physical benefits, you will also notice no niggling back aches, no more neck tension, you will breathe easier and feel more energetic and revitalised than ever before! As Joseph Pilates said, “In ten sessions you feel better, in 20 sessions you look better, in 30 sessions you have a completely new body.” 

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You Core Is In Control

Your first session might feel like your trying to do a million things at once, breathe in…no, no…breathe out, brace your core squeeze your butt, drop your shoulders but lift them at the same time…wait, you’re holding your breath! With the countless body cues and corrections that you hove to focus on during your first workout, you don’t want to forget to just move. Remember…all of the rest will come with persistent practice.

What is most important when you begin your Pilates practice is keeping that core tight and engaged. Think about scooping your abdominals up and in, like you’re zipping up a tight pair of jeans! This will help you engage your deep transverse abdominals, support your spine, create stability and achieve an incredibly strong core.

You Will Feel Amazing

One of the best benefits of Pilates? Freedom of movement! Pilates focuses on lengthening and defining muscles and reducing compression of the joints.  This means more tone and definition all over your body without bulk.  This is one of the most common forms of feedback I get from our online studio members and clients, they not only feel great but they look amazing too!

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A Brand New You

Pilates invigorates your entire body and it is extremely rehabilitative.  You are strengthening and nourishing your body and, in the words of Joseph Pilates himself, “returning to life.” Because of it’s rehabilitative powers, Pilates is often used by physiotherapists as it strengthens and heals old injuries while preventing future ones. Focusing on core work will dramatically increase the longevity and health of your spine, pelvic alignment, placement of shoulders, posture and so much more.

Integration Of The Mind And Body

If you are going through stress, feeling overwhelmed or a lot on your plate, Pilates is a fantastic way to relieve your mind and rejuvenate your system. It gives you time to centre your concentration on your body which creates excellent body awareness, gets your blood pumping and it stretches your muscles.  The focus required in Pilates also helps to strengthen the memory side of your brain. The combined challenge of mind and body makes Pilates the perfect form of exercise both mentally and physically.

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