My 10 Commandments For Healthy, Happy, Active Living!

Wed, April 13, 2016

Being healthy, fit and active is a complete lifestyle, you can’t fake it if you don’t live it! The way you treat your body shows on the inside and the outside too! When you do things that are detrimental to your health unfortunately there is no rewind button, every little bit has an impact. So what can you start doing from today to permanently hit pause on all of those things that are stopping you from being healthy? Here are my personal 10 commandments for healthy, happy, active living!



This means high sugar soft drinks, junk food, smoking and other highly toxic things that do nothing for your health! We all know that cigarettes and illegal drugs should not even be on your radar, your body never completely recovers from the damage and it can lead to lifelong conditions. If you are struggling with your weight and health, try to give alcohol the flick for one month and I can guarantee you’ll watch the kilos melt away. You'll be amazed by the difference you see and feel without these toxins!


My freezer is stocked full of home cooked, ready to go breakfasts, lunches and dinners so that a nutritious meal is always at hand! I freeze fruit for a yummy, quick breakfast with yoghurt, I freeze vegetables to have in soups and I also make big batches of meals such as stirfrys, curries, homemade burgers and roast meals to make sure that we are always fed well, it also saves a lot of money too!


Wherever you are and whatever situation you may be in, always make the best choice for your health possible. If you are at a restaurant, choose the steak and salad instead of the creamy pasta, have a sparkling water instead of a sugary drink and try and have a protein entree such as prawns instead of bread. At home instead of snacking mindlessly, have a big glass of water, do a chore and see if you are still hungry. It takes a lot of consideration for your body to be as healthy as you can be, always be mindful of your options!


Take action and move your body every single day.  I do classes every day but I still love to find time to do my own personal workouts using the online studio, mixing it up and revisiting old videos that I haven’t done in a while! (You can check out our videos by clicking here.) I also love to workout with my hula hoop, its a great compliment to all of the core work in Pilates!


It takes a lot of determination to lead a healthy lifestyle, it can be very easy to never exercise, eat sweets and fast food and ignore any warning signs like an expanding waistline or continuously getting ill. Focus on what you want to achieve, use consideration, take action and finally implement the determination to achieve it all. Know that you can do anything you set your mind to. It’s not too hard! It takes seconds to open a pack of chips, the same time it takes to peel a banana. Stay strong!


Making sure you get enough sleep is absolutely crucial, it’s how your body regenerates, reenergises and restores, without it we not only get grumpy and down, but it also weakens your immune system, increases stress and in turn can actually cause your body to store more fat! make sure you get your 8 hours, try to keep your bedroom technology free and completely unplug for the night, it will do wonders for your sleeping habits!


I love to schedule everything into my day, from drinking a glass of water before I eat a meal to what time I’m going to exercise, work, rest and play! It keeps me on track, on task and motivated, I love getting to the end of the day and fulfilling all of my mini goals. Try for the next week to write down in your diary everything you want to achieve in a day and allocate a time. You will be amazed by how much more you achieve!


Taking a little time to love your body and give it a little TLC will pay off enormously, you’ll feel better, look amazing and your confidence will sky rocket! I always make sure I stick to a skin care routine morning and night, moisturise my entire body every night, self-tan once a week and use makeup with a SPF daily to maintain my skins appearance for longer!


There is nothing that is more restorative for your body and soul than breathing fresh air. Getting outdoors and walking in the park or at the beach means that not only are you boosting your metabolism and circulation with exercise, but you are also detoxifying your body and invigorating your cells with fresh, clean air! Next time your outside, take 10 deep breaths and feel the difference, it is one of the most overlooked ways to instantly boost your health and wellbeing!


Be kind, generous, courteous and respectful, and life will be easy. I love making others happy and giving more than you get can be so rewarding, in more ways than one. I never look for reciprocation, but 9 times out of 10 people will show their appreciation, whether it’s a smile, a text, a phone call or a hug…nothing beats the feeling of helping others!