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The ideal rotation for your PBL home workout videos.

Many of you have asked me about an ideal rotation for the Pilates By Lisa home workout videos. If you are already a member of the online studio you know that the workouts are an ideal mix of classical and contemporary Pilates and extremely targeted (translation: you are going to feel the burn!).

The key to attaining the Pilates ideals of strength, grace and fluid movement is consistency and persistence. So what does this mean in terms of time?

As all of our members know, I personally design four 7 day workout schedules every single week for members to follow, ensuring that, over the week, you get the perfect combination of full body conditioning, toning and flexibility.

Weekly Schedules

Try a 7 Day Plan!

I don’t schedule in rest days, as everyone is different in regard to their schedule. If you’re like me, you don’t mind working out every single day, for others this may not be possible and you may have to schedule in a day or two of gentle workouts or complete rest.

In an ideal world I recommend 30 minutes of our online Pilates home workout videos, 6-7  days per week. There is a lot of variety every single day with our schedules, so you will not be burning out one single area of the body. 

7 Day Plans

Pilates does not stress the joints or cause wear and tear on the body, so I always encourage members to do as much of the schedule as possible. If you are working with my home workout videos, aim to schedule in at least six workouts out of the schedule, that way if you miss a day or two you are still getting in four amazing workouts in your week! This will have you seeing and feeling incredible results, you won’t believe the transformation in your body!

The changes in your body will come quickly, most people see a difference in as little as two weeks! Due to our busy lives and hectic schedules, I know that you won’t always be able to do a 30 minute workout every day, and that’s ok too! Even just one of our 10 minute toning videos will make a difference. Life can be chaotic, I created our online studio to be flexible and easily broken into shorter workouts on days when you don’t have the time! 

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Cardiovascular Fitness – Boost That Metabolism With Home Workout Videos!

When it comes to cardio I’m a fan of low impact Pilates and Barre workouts that don’t injure the joints, tighten the back or bulk the legs. These workouts also don’t over stress the body, something that I think is important to not only getting optimal results but also longevity, we want to be able to do Pilates forever!  Check out our member favourite Barre Program home workout videos! 

10 Minute Lower Body Pilates Workout

I like to add a couple of barre/circuit/more challenging mat classes to get your body to wake up and take notice and also increase your heart rate, burn fat and get you to that next level!

Cardio Barre

Our Programs Get Results!

You can also maximise your results with our world-class Programs. These exclusive, specialised Programs will get you in the best shape of your life! 


Programs & Challenges

Love A Challenge? Our Challenges Get MAXIMUM Results!


Our upcoming Super Challenge is FREE for all members and is a great motivator to stay on track and achieve your goals! Join me for 21 days of workouts and bonus moves that will get you feeling strong AND amazing! We’ve combined our members’ favourite Challenges to bring you the best of the best, the PBL Super Challenge. PLUS every member gets THREE FREE personal copies of the Super Challenge interactive eBooks to download and keep forever!

PBL Super Challenge

Track your home workouts to maximise your results, stay accountable and meet like-minded PBL members!

If you like to track your workouts to maximise your results, stay accountable and meet like-minded PBL members, then our private Facebook Forum is for you! The forum is  a place where current members of Pilates By Lisa can get together, make new friends and catch up on all things Pilates, all from the comfort of home!

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