My Top 8 INCREDIBLE Filming & Travel Destinations: Workout With Me Around The World!

Tue, February 27, 2018

Today I'm going to be talking about my all time favourite locations where we have filmed workouts for the online studio at! These locations are dear to my heart, and I have very special memories from filming in each of them! I can't wait to not only share these stories with you, but also workout with you in these locations too!

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Face Exercises: Non Surgical Facelift To Tighten Jawline, Firm Cheeks and Erase Lines!

Tue, January 16, 2018

I was introduced to these exercises by my 80 year old grandmother, and if you could see her you'd be doing these exercises every day too! She has a beautiful glow to her skin, it's absolutely flawless and smooth. She credits this all to her facial exercise routine! Your facial muscles play a critical role in the contouring and shaping of your face. These exercises increase circulation, improving the blood flow to your face to give you a healthy glow. They also work the muscles that lie underneath the skin to not only assist with firming, lifting and toning the face, but also decreasing the tension that causes fine lines. This routine only takes 10 minutes per day, you can do it anytime, anywhere: watching TV, in the shower, waiting at the traffic lights or even standing in line at the supermarket (not for the faint hearted!)

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My Day On a Plate: My Personal Food Diary!

Thu, December 07, 2017

Today I'm excited to share with you exactly what I eat in a day! This is a complete recount of a day on my plate, my personal photographic food diary detailing precisely what I eat all day long. This is how the majority of days look for me as it keeps me feeling energised and satisfied, especially on long filming days for the online studio. I eat a healthy fat, moderate protein, low carbohydrate diet as this works incredibly well for me. I hope you enjoy and can't wait to hear about your typical day on a plate too!

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My Anti Aging Skin Care Routine!

Tue, October 24, 2017

Today I’ll be sharing with you my anti Aging Skin Care Routine! I am a firm believer in aging gracefully and naturally using all natural products. Any products with additives, perfumes or alcohols irritate and breakout my skin, so I like to stick to products that are full of natural, organic ingredients that nourish and condition the skin without any hidden nasties. I’ve been searching for the perfect skin care routine my entire adult life, and I’ve FINALLY found my perfect match! Click here to watch the video!

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Friday Favourites!

Wed, September 13, 2017

Welcome back for this week's Friday Favourites! I was so thrilled with the response to last week's Friday Favourites debut, and I can't wait to share with you again! Every week I'll be sharing a few of my favourite things, ranging from the book I'm reading, the workouts I'm loving, my favourite music, make up and mantras! If you have any requests for what you would like to see in the Friday Favourites I'd love to know!

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My Fitness Travel Essentials: What I Can’t Live Without On The Road!

Thu, September 22, 2016

I wanted to share with all of you my fitness travelling essentials! These are the items I can’t live without while we are on the road in our RV, travelling all over the USA and Canada! Check out my absolute essential items, along with some tips on how you can incorporate these into your next holiday and stay healthy, fit and toned, anytime and absolutely anywhere!

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The Highlights Of Vancouver!

Fri, September 16, 2016

I absolutely loved Vancouver! It was such a beautiful, enchanting city, it reminded me so much of home with the fantastic food, coffee, fitness, fun and variety of things to do! Check out our highlights, everything from what we did to where we ate, including lots of healthy options for those of you wanting to stay on track whilst travelling!

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My Top Things To Do In New Orleans & Louisiana!

Thu, September 01, 2016

New Orleans was such a spectacular experience! From the debauchery of Bourbon Street, the amazing food and music of Frenchman Street, the history at the World War II Museum right through to the continuing devastation of Hurricane Katrina, NOLA was an experience I'll never forget. Check out my top picks for what to do in this beautiful city, it's an absolute must!

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The Best Of St. Martin & Caribbean!

Tue, August 23, 2016

If you are in need of a relaxing, stress free holiday and dream of being whisked away to an exotic island, St. Martin is the ideal destination! Days filled with sunshine, sand, swimming, snorkelling, salty air and sea breezes are the ultimate combination for a perfect Caribbean escape. Check out what we did whilst on the island, and all of my favourite highlights and photos from the trip!

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Fitness, Strength, Flexibility - Seven Day Workout Schedule

Sat, August 20, 2016

The countdown is on. Only ten days until the Southern Hemisphere leaps into Spring and our northern neighbours bound into Autumn! With this in mind our focus this week is making your body feel and look as good as it was designed to.  Our workouts will revolve around the three factors of fitness: strength, flexibility and endurance. Aim to do at least one of the scheduled workouts every day for the next seven days. With regular practice you will reap amazing results, not only in how you look but also how fantastic you will feel! We have been filming some exciting workouts for you all this week from the most exhilarating, inspiring, uplifting locations in the world! You're going to love working out there with me! Can't wait to share them with you!   We love hearing your success stories so keep them coming! See you on the mat!

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