Complete Body Sculpting Circuit.

Tue, September 25, 2018

I receive a lot of messages from our members asking for the best all over exercises to firm, tone and define the entire body. I thought I'd share with you my personal top four favourite body sculpting exercises! These can all be done with no equipment at all! All these exercises, taken from some of my favourite Pilates by Lisa workouts, will help to get you that famous lean, toned Pilates figure! Perform the entire circuit all the way through then repeat it a total of 3 times for an incredible body sculpting routine!

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Hot For The Holidays: Get In Shape For Your Getaway!

Wed, March 14, 2018

Recently I recieved a special request from one of our online members for my top workout recommendations to get in shape for her holiday! Specifically, she wanted to sculpt and tone the arms, abs, butt and thighs, but also torch calories and burn fat. I thought this was a great question, so I decided to make a comprehensive 7 day workout plan that anyone can follow if they are looking to get ready for holidays, a special event or just whip themselves into shape!  These workouts will strengthen, lengthen, tone and define the entire body and get your heart and blood pumping at the same time! These are my absolute go-to workouts to cover every base and see results fast.

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How To Tone Your Legs: My Top Tips!

Wed, March 07, 2018

These are tips that I personally incorporate into my life, not only to tone my legs and butt, but also to feel stronger, healthier and more confident than ever. Looking after your body and focusing on your health boosts your self-esteem like nothing else. These are tips you can incorporate starting from today to keep your lower body in shape and feel strong and confident!

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My Top 8 INCREDIBLE Filming & Travel Destinations: Workout With Me Around The World!

Tue, February 27, 2018

Today I'm going to be talking about my all time favourite locations where we have filmed workouts for the online studio at! These locations are dear to my heart, and I have very special memories from filming in each of them! I can't wait to not only share these stories with you, but also workout with you in these locations too!

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My Top Five Ab Sculpting Workouts!

Wed, October 04, 2017

Today I'm sharing with you my top five most effective abdominal workouts to tighten and tone your midsection and create a chiseled core! Not only will these workouts completely transform your muscles right through to the deepest layers of your abdominals, they will also drastically improve your posture, realign your spine and keep your back and joints healthy and pain free! Join me now and completely redefine your Powerhouse.

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My Top Five Favourite Leg Firming Workouts!

Wed, October 05, 2016

I have been receiving a lot of messages from our members asking for the best workout videos from the online studio to firm, tone and define the lower body. So I thought I'd share with you all my personal top five favourite lower body sculpting workouts! These have been on high rotation while I've been on the road, using the small equipment I have (and also no equipment at all!) and I have been loving how effective they are! These workouts will not only sculpt your legs but also give you a fantastic stretch for that famous lean, toned Pilates figure!

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My Top Stretches For Eliminating Hip Pain!

Thu, September 29, 2016

Let's face it, stretching is a critical, actually make that essential, part of any fitness routine. I'm a firm believer that simply stretching can alleviate the majority of chronic joint and muscle pain. These simple and effective stretches will not only stretch your hips, but also the surrounding muscles that can become notoriously tight and be the unsuspecting culprit behind your aches and pains. Try them right now and feel the difference!

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My Top Tips For Keeping On Track With Your Workouts Whilst Travelling!

Fri, September 23, 2016

Whether it’s for business, fun, an escape or your planning to take over the world one Pilates destination at a time, we all have times where we depart from our comfort zone and out into the big wide world. It might be a quick trip to another state or a massive adventure halfway around the world for a year, no matter what your normal routine is put on pause!

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My Fitness Travel Essentials: What I Can’t Live Without On The Road!

Thu, September 22, 2016

I wanted to share with all of you my fitness travelling essentials! These are the items I can’t live without while we are on the road in our RV, travelling all over the USA and Canada! Check out my absolute essential items, along with some tips on how you can incorporate these into your next holiday and stay healthy, fit and toned, anytime and absolutely anywhere!

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How To Perform A Teaser, Even If You’ve Never Done One Before!

Thu, September 15, 2016

Have you been struggling with your teasers? Do you want to learn how to do this powerful, effective, traditional Pilates exercise? This in depth guide is the ultimate tutorial to help you achieve the perfect technique and form with your teaser! With a visual and written guide for four different levels of teaser from beginner to the traditional complete Teaser, this is perfect for everyone!

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