Always Wanted To Do Pilates? Five Reasons To Start Today!

Wed, June 08, 2016

When it comes to workouts, Pilates really has stood the test of time. There is a very good reson the Pilates method has been the workout of choice for world class ballerinas, supermodels, A-list actors, athletes, physiotherapists and anyone seeking superior results! If you haven't tried one of our streaming workouts yet, you need to see and feel the difference our workouts will make, and here’s why.

1. You’ll get a dancers body (without the dancing)

The way you work out is going to determine your physical appearance. Pilates is all about getting long, lean, toned muscles like a dancer! The majority of our classes are bodyweight only mat workouts, which allows for lean muscle tone without shortening the muscles or creating bulk. The equipment we use provides just enough resistance to create a beautiful, strong, lean physique!

2. Efficient and Effective. 

We have over 190 workouts on the online studio, the perfect combination of strengthing, cardio and stretching so it’s really is your go-to source that sculpts every inch of your body! Every single workout is designed to give you maximum results in minimal The variety is endless, you will bever get bored! Need more cardio? Try Barre Sculpt. Want to focus on your abs? Try our Abs Of Steel Workout! Mixing it up is the key to getting fantastic results, an we have you covered.

3. You Can Do Pilates Forever!

Pilates moves are low impact and easy on the joints, which means that you will have a strong, lithe, limber and pain-free body right into your 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond! Besides getting an incredible figure, weight-baring Pilates exercises increase bone density while building lean muscle and boosting your metabolism. Pilates is the ultimate fountain of youth!

4. It's All About The Core. 

From upright postures to mat-based moves, core-focused exercises not only get you amazing reuslts, but also allow you to walk taller, breathe more efficiently, and feel more centered and aligned! Every single exercises reuires you to brace your Powerhouse, so no matter what you are getting a fantastic Core workout.

5. You Can See And Feel The Results.

Endless core work, butt-lifting glute work, and seamless moves that keeps you moving through the burn are what make Pilates not only incredibly effective, but fun! If you want to change your body quickly then see results for life, then our online studio sounds like the perfect fit for you! Try it now with our free 10 day trial, it will be the best decision you will make!