All New FREE Member’s Challenge Starts Next Week! - Your Seven Day Workout Schedule

Sun, April 22, 2018


Hi Everyone!

We are so proud and pleased to present, later this week, all our members with the Pilates by Lisa May Makeover Challenge, full of incredible recipes, motivation tips, prizes and a full month of workout routines!

Our Brand New Members-Only Challenge starts next Monday the 30th of April and continues throughout May.

With brand NEW challenge workouts we'll be working the powerhouse, toning our arms, sculpting the legs and reshaping every inch of our bodies!

Feel proud, stand tall and see real changes. When you do Pilates, people will notice.

The challenge eBook has been designed by me just for you with some amazing contributions from guest writers and experts.

It's packed full of content to build great habits for Winter:

*4-week workout schedule with new specifically designed workouts

*A nutritious 7 day meal plan, NEW healthy recipes and shopping list.

*Guest writer Carla DaCosta talks about visualisation and goal setting

*Bonus move tutorials & much more!

You can win some fantastic prizes throughout the challenge, brought to you by our fantastic sponsors Popflex Active, Harvest Box and Pink Punk Activewear. We also have some special PBL prizes for lucky members! I can't wait to make this May your time for a makeover, let's fall in love with the way we look AND feel!

Let's get a head start this week! See you on the mat!

Lisa x

Defining Ab Workout


We will be using a continuous flow of movement to really create beautiful definition through your centre. 

All you'll need is your mat!


What Is Pilates: Everything You Need To Know!

When I tell people what I do, the most common response is 
“What is Pilates?” or “Is that the same as yoga?”

I sometimes get over enthusiastic telling the amazing history, benefits and intricate details of the Pilates method, but it’s hard not to…it’s fascinating! This is a brief history of Pilates, my favourite quotes and exactly why I swear by it!

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May Makeover Challenge

FREE to all members!

Want to achieve your mid year goals? Need guidance on what to eat, when to workout or how to boost your motivation? Then join us for our all new May Makeover Challengewhich is shaping up to be our biggest and best yet. 

The May Makeover Challenge commences on Monday the 30th. April, is FREE for all members, and runs right through the month of May. It’s the perfect way to stay on track and reach your mid year goals.

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Lean Leg Workout

We will be working in several different positions throughout this workout to sculpt, tone, lengthen and lean out the legs to give you that famous Pilates body! All you need is your mat, let's get started!

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Bonus Workout

New York Core Workout

We filmed this workout in Central Park overlooking the iconic Boathouse! This workout will tone, define and sculpt your entire midsection, working your deepest core muscles to create a lean Pilates figure!

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Chiseled Upper Body Workout

In this workout we will be using the resistance band to sculpt, tone and chisel the entire upper body. There is nothing quite like the resistance band for creating lean, defined muscle, it can completely reshape the entire body! 

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Bonus Workout

Taut And Toned Leg Workout With The Band

I LOVE this workout, the band is the ultimate secret weapon for strengthening, sculpting, lifting and firming your butt and thighs. We'll be using the band in some new and different ways to really change the shape of your lower body.

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Traditional Standing Arm Workout

This is the traditional arm series Joseph Pilates developed to bring you into your optimal upright posture and makes sure that you stand tall and proud! All you need is a pair of 1 kg hand weights, so let's get started!

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Bonus Workout

Total Body Sculpt Ab Workout

This is a condensed 15 minute version of one of our most popular workouts, the "Abdominal Sculpting Session". This is the perfect routine for when you want a challenging session that will get your core firing but you are pressed for time. The addition of 1kg hand weights makes this the perfect express workout!

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Redefine Your Outline

This is an incredible workout that will completely reshape your silhouette! We will be specifically targeting your obliques, glutes, inner and outer thighs to completely redefine your outline!

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Bonus Workout

New You Stretch With Band

In this workout we will be lengthening our entire body with the assistance of the resistance band. This will have you not only stretching, but also toning and defining every single muscle. All you need is your band and your mat, let’s get started!

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Lean London Leg Workout

One thing I've noticed about London is the incredible fashion everywhere you turn. Another thing? The killer legs that show them off! This workout will help you recreate that London look: long, lean, slender, defined legs. We filmed this workout in magnificent Hyde Park in the heart of London.

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 Bonus Workout

New You Abdominals

We filmed this workout in the incredible Joshua Tree National Park in California! We have put a fun, challenging twist on classic moves to really sculpt, tone and define your entire waistline!

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Fit Flow Workout

This is a long, continuous and flowing workout that will sculpt your entire body! Including highly requested moves such as wide leg bridges and the pretzel, this is going to get that fire burning in all of the right places!

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Bonus Workout

Tricep Toner Workout

This workout specifically targets the muscles through the back of the arms to lift, sculpt and tone the entire area. This workout was highly requested, I hope that you all love it as much as I do!

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Twist And Shout Workout

I've based this routine on movements that involve rotation, twisting and turning your way to a tight and toned midsection! All of the moves in this workout will have you twisting and working those obliques, and the burn will have you shouting by the end!

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Bonus Workout

New You Stretch Routine

This is a fantastic, relaxing, stretching routine with all my favourite dynamic stretches to really lengthen, define and tone the muscles!

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