A FREE Pilates Workout For Lean, Toned Legs

⁣Sculpt lean and toned legs with this FREE Pilates Workout! This 10 Minute Pilates Butt Workout is my all time favourite “go-to” video to lift, tone and sculpt the butt and slim the outer thighs!

One of the BEST things about Pilates is that you can do it anytime, anywhere. We have HUNDREDS of Pilates workouts you can do in the comfort of your home, with no equipment required. It’s accessible, portable, convenient and best of all, it gets INCREDIBLE results!

Free Pilates Workout

Why This Free Pilates Workout Is So Effective

If you commit to short, daily Pilates workouts, you will see and FEEL the difference in no time at all!

This workout is built around the clamshell exercise, which is incredibly effective for strengthening the gluteus medius, one of the deepest layers of stabilising muscles that helps the align the pelvis and correct hip functioning, in fact, this exercise is regularly used in hip replacement rehab programs! Aside from its functional benefits, it also helps to tone and define the legs and butt!

Try this free Pilates workout today for a taste of what the Pilates By Lisa Online Studio is all about, click the image below:

Free Pilates Workouts

You can also try our other FREE Pilates workouts from the Pilates By Lisa Online Studio, from 5 minute arm toners to 15 minute core sessions, we have you covered! Click on the workouts below to get a taste of the 600+ workouts we offer on the online studio!

Free Pilates Workout

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Free Pilates Workout

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