The Ultimate Butt And Thigh Pilates Workout Circuit!

Wed, September 19, 2018

There's just something about an AMAZING Butt and Thigh workout that feels SO good! As my online studio members know, I'm not one to shy away from that deep burn and bringing out the powerful Pilates moves to challenge those lower body muscles. Showing both the superficial and deeper, intrinsic muscle groups love is important for achieving balance, both aesthetically and functionally, and also avoiding injury. This butt and thigh circuit workout will help you achieve this! Are you ready? Lets go!

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My PBL Success Story : Right away after starting PBL I began to notice positive changes in the shape of my body!

Mon, September 03, 2018

"Word of mouth" is always our best form of advertising! First hand recommendations are always the best! After a friends referral, Nicole joined PBL. Nicole had been exercising daily for many years but had never reached maximum results and was suffering hip pain causing discomfort if sitting for extended periods. Nicole quickly saw positive changes in her body shape and is now pain free! We love hearing such motivating testimonials. Here's Nicole's story:

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My PBL Success Story: I’ve noticed my back is stronger and pain free, my posture has naturally corrected itself and am 2kg lighter

Tue, August 28, 2018

With a busy nursing career involving irregular work hours and living in a small rural town with limited fitness facilities, Madeleine, who had always been into staying fit and healthy with regular gym sessions, was searching for a convenient and effective answer to her workout dilemma. We love Madeleine's testimonial for PBL so here it is! Enjoy!

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My PBL Story: “I’m a Mum to two young boys and run a company from home. With PBL I can work out from home, with the boys in the room, at any point during my day!”

Wed, August 22, 2018

When you love to exercise, you're a busy mum and you're running your business from home sometimes there is simply not enough hours in the day. Throw some painful, longstanding injuries into the mix and suddenly you need to find a better fitting solution. We're so happy our beautiful member Rachel found PBL! PBL has completely changed her life in terms of health and fitness and she's never felt better. Here is her story!

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My PBL Story: “Here I am at age fifty-five feeling more toned, flexible and with better posture than I’ve ever had in my life!”

Wed, August 15, 2018

"So here I am at age fifty five feeling more toned, flexible and with better posture than I’ve ever had in my life!" Our beautiful online member Kaye shared her PBL success story with me and I just had to share it with all of you! Kaye's story is incredibly inspiring for women of all ages, she talks about feeling confidence to buy a bikini in her fifties after not having worn one for years. She also shares about her amazing improvements in her posture and the unbelievable physical changes she has seen!  Without further ado take it away, Kaye!

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Cardio Barre Maintenance 14 Day Program

Wed, August 08, 2018

This 14 day program is the perfect combination of our strengthening, toning “Cardio Barre Program” workouts, along with the best mat workouts to give you a beautiful Barre body! The mat workouts that have been selected will not only completely transform your entire body, but also compliment the barre workouts so you have the ultimate technique and the flexibility, strength and range of motion required. Try it for 14 days and see just how much of a power couple Pilates and Barre can truly be!

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Introducing Our Brand NEW Weekly Workout Schedules!

Thu, August 02, 2018

Pilates by Lisa has a brand new feature on the Online Studio! The ALL NEW, multi choice, weekly schedules are now LIVE! Every week we have not one but FOUR weekly schedules to take your Pilates practice to the next level!

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Pilates Reformer Workout For Arm & Back Strength: Improve Your Posture!

Wed, August 01, 2018

Today I'm going to be taking you through my all time favourite reformer exercises for improving posture, increasing the strength of the back extensors, improving shoulder stability and giving your arms beautiful definition and tone!

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Better Posture Workout: How To Improve Posture and Stand Taller!

Wed, July 25, 2018

n this workout we are going to focus on three exercises that will dramatically improve your posture! We are going to focus on the back extensors and the posterior chain of the body so you can stand taller and prouder than ever before and have the strongest back possible!

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Traditional Pilates Leg Slimming Butt & Thigh Workout: Tone Glutes & Slim Thighs!

Tue, July 17, 2018

Today I'm going to take you through the ultimate Traditional leg slimming moves that will move your legs through their entire range of motion, strengthen, sculpt and tone the muscles and give you a fantastic overall lower body workout!

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