Slim, Toned & Confident For Summer: Latest Weekly Workout Schedule!

Sun, November 22, 2015

Welcome to Week four of your Spring Into Summer Challenge! This is a massive achievement! You will now be feeling AND seeing the incredible difference Pilates makes to your body. It takes just 21 days to form a habit, so all these new healthy habits you are reinforcing in your life will start feeling like second nature.

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Fit, Slim & Happy: 7 Day Pilates Workout Plan!

Mon, November 16, 2015

This week is all about looking after your body from the inside out. A new body comes along with a new mindset, so it's time to declutter your mind and Spring clean your life! Check out the article in the sidebar for my top tips on eliminating stress, clearing your mind and getting your health back on track. You will find that you are more motivated, more focused and your workouts will become an essential part of your day. Put all of the tips into practice this week, compete your daily workouts and let me know how you feel by Sunday!

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Spring Clean Your Mind And De-Stress!

Sun, November 15, 2015

Stress is a killer. Aside from obvious toxins like alcohol and sugar, stress is one of the biggest causes of major diseases, excess weight and can send your health into a downward spiral. Stress has a very real physical effect on the body, and with our increasingly busy lives and hectic schedules, it can be difficult to avoid. Here are my top tips for eliminating stress, clearing your mind and getting your health back on track!

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Get Motivated! Your Weekly Workout Schedule Is Here!

Mon, November 09, 2015

I hope you've all had a fantastic first week of your "Spring Into Summer Challenge", it certainly has been a great one! Mondays are always the best day to set new goals and work towards greater fitness and health, so let's get ready for week two of your challenge!

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My Top Three Tips For Boosting Your Motivation!

Fri, November 06, 2015

Struggling to find motivation to workout? These are my top tips for staying on track! I am SO excited to bring all of our online members our FREE "Spring Into Summer 4 Week Challenge" on our online studio at

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Your Spring Into Summer 4 Week Challenge Is HERE!

Sun, November 01, 2015

I am SO excited to bring all of our online members our FREE "Spring Into Summer 4 Week Challenge" starting this Monday at! All current online members will receive a free eBook full of recipes, meal plans, print-and-go workouts, health and fitness tips!

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Your Summer Fitness Guide!

Tue, October 27, 2015

“Quick Fix”… it sounds great, but like most things if it sounds too good to be true, it is! Instead of endlessly searching for that magic elixir that undoes all of our winter indulgences, we have to put on those tights, throw out the junk and get ready for hard work and sacrifice. You’ve got to want it, you’ve got to make time for it and you’ve got to give it your all. In three weeks you CAN get amazing results! Here’s our Summer fitness guide to show you how.

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Think Positive And Achieve Your Dream Body: 7 Day Workout Plan!

Mon, October 26, 2015

This week is all about using the power of positive thinking to achieve your fitness goals! Positive thinking is so powerful because it impacts our subconscious minds and without us even realising, we are propelled in the direction of our thoughts. The power of your mind can shape everything: your life, your body, and your happiness. Put a positive spin on every negative thought this week and see your life change!

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The Power Of Positive Thinking

Tue, October 20, 2015

I’m a big believer in the power of positive thinking. If you remain focused on your goals, believe in yourself and ask the universe (politely of course!) for what you want, you will get there! However, if you find yourself comparing, criticizing, complaining and clouding your mind with negativity, stop! The universe is not prejudiced and will also manifest these poisonous thoughts into reality. These are my own personal thoughts on how to manifest your dreams into reality and achieve your goals with the power of positivity.

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Get Control: Motivation, Body & Life. 7 Day Workout Plan!

Mon, October 19, 2015

This week is all about taking charge in all areas of your life, your fitness, motivation and will power! Sometimes we need to be stronger than our excuses. Good things do take time and if you invest that time into looking after yourself and doing your Pilates routines, I can promise you that with persistence you WILL reach your goals.

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