Why Hamstring Flexibility Is Essential!

Tue, August 02, 2016

Flexible hamstrings are absolutely essential to your overall fitness, athletic ability and progession in the Pilates method. By strengthening and stretching your hamstring muscles, you will gain strong, limber legs that will support the rest of your muscle groups, preventing injuries and improving your range of motion. The hamstrings are extremely susceptible to injury and strain when they are weak and tight. Check out the benefits of flexibile hamstrings and then try our video tutorial on how to release these muscles!

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Achieve Incredible Results - Seven Day Workout Schedule

Sun, July 31, 2016

Our online studio is designed to not only enhance your health and fitness but to also destress and simplify our sometimes hectic and always demanding schedules. If you're feeling indifferent or unmotivated, if the thought of having to get in your car and drive to the gym is uninspiring,  if trying to decide which workout gear will look appropriate is annoying or even fitting in with other's timetables that don't fit in with your schedule is irritating, then our online studio is your solution! We fit in with YOUR timetable!  If you like to workout early before work or the family gets up, or if you look forward to a great stretch and a release of stress at the end of the day, we've got you covered. Back pain, neck pain, beginners to advanced, whether you follow our comprehensive weekly schedule or incorporate your favourite workouts, we are here for you 24/7! Accessible, convenient, fitness at your fingertips! We love hearing your success stories so keep them coming!

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My Top Five Back Strengthening Workouts!

Thu, July 28, 2016

Achieve a beautifully defined, strong and flexible back with my top five back strengthening workouts! Not only will you notice an incredible difference in the way you look and feel, but you will be building a strong, supportive Powerhouse, eliminating those back aches and pains for good!

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How To Maximise Your Results With Our Workout Videos!

Wed, July 27, 2016

Many of you have asked me about an ideal rotation for the Pilates By Lisa workout videos.If you are already a member of the online studio you know that the workouts are an ideal mix of classical and contemporary Pilates and extremely targeted (translation: you are going to feel the burn!). The key to attaining the Pilates ideals of strength, grace and fluid movement is consistency and persistence. So what does this mean in terms of time? Read on to find out more!

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Fitness At Your Fingertips - Seven Day Workout Plan

Mon, July 25, 2016

This weeks workout schedule is a great one! We'll be working every body part to create a fitter, healthier more fantastic you! The online schedule is great for anyone who is short on time and likes to click straight onto their daily workout. It makes it easy! No searching, no wondering, no time wasting! The workouts are chosen to give maximum results. You will achieve the perfect balance of fitness, strength, flexibility, endurance and a healthy mindset! When you are doing your workouts, and you find one you really love, don't forget to save it to your favourites, that way you have it there ready to go at anytime, anywhere!

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The Pilates Principles

Thu, July 21, 2016

So many of you have been practicing Pilates with me on the online studio for the last few years and know that I am fanatical about technique! Whilst I often make reference to the Pilates Principles, I thought I would take the opportunity to delve further into each one to give you a deeper knowledge, improving your understanding and therefore your results!

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The Ultimate Thigh Sculptor…The Magic Circle!

Tue, July 19, 2016

It’s one of the most common questions I receive: “How do I tone up and slim down the inner thighs?” We are all on the elusive quest for slim but strong, lean but luscious, trim but toned legs! The holy grail of inner thigh sculptors is versatile, portable, simple but oh-so-effective. It’s not a fancy, expensive piece of gym equipment, it’s the Pilates Magic Circle!

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Fitter, Healthier, Happier - Seven Day Workout Plan

Sun, July 17, 2016

This week we are going to visualise what we are hoping to achieve. Whether it's a stronger back, firmer tummy, better posture, leaner legs or simply a healthier, happier version of yourself, it is achievable and within everyone's reach. When you begin to notice small changes in your shape, energy levels and mindset, your motivation takes a step up and before long not only you but also those around you will notice a difference! It's all about consistency, persistence and moving your body the way it was meant to be moved! Every workout you cross off your list is a step closer to your visualisation, and the best part, we don't even need to leave home to achieve it!

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Stimulate Your Thyroid With One Simple Exercise!

Fri, July 15, 2016

Lifestyle, stress and genetics can dramatically affect your thyroid function, which can have a detrimental impact on your health. The thyroid is a gland at the front of the neck that produces hormones to regulate metabolism, energy and other bodily functions. It’s crucial to your health and wellbeing to ensure it functions correctly, the jackknife exercise from the Pilates repertoire will stimulate your thyroid and boost your health!

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Winter Skincare!

Tue, July 12, 2016

Winter skincare is an absolute must! The winter season can take it’s toll on your skin. Dehydration, irritation, dilated capillaries and redness are all too common as the weather cools and we turn up our heaters! To keep your skin happy and healthy, Here are some Winter skincare tips you can incorporate into your every day life!

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