Pilates Is A Lifestyle - Your Seven Day Workout Schedule

Sat, September 17, 2016

Hi Everyone! The amazing thing about Pilates is that anyone, no matter their age, size or fitness level, can take part and reap the incredible benefits. The results are undeniable, it's effective and it can be as challenging or as gentle as you like due to the versatility of each exercise. Pilates exercises dramatically strengthen the core and pelvic floor, providing stability, strength and support for the spine. So not only will you have a lean, toned figure, but it also increases the longevity of your joints and eliminates aches and pains so you can exercise and feel amazing forever! If you want amazing posture, strength, balance, flexibility and a toned, taut figure, then Pilates by Lisa is right here for you every step of the way! We are your online fitness solution! Join me this week for some amazing, exhilarating workouts. You're going to love them and the way they make you feel!   See you on the mat!

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The Highlights Of Vancouver!

Fri, September 16, 2016

I absolutely loved Vancouver! It was such a beautiful, enchanting city, it reminded me so much of home with the fantastic food, coffee, fitness, fun and variety of things to do! Check out our highlights, everything from what we did to where we ate, including lots of healthy options for those of you wanting to stay on track whilst travelling!

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How To Perform A Teaser, Even If You’ve Never Done One Before!

Thu, September 15, 2016

Have you been struggling with your teasers? Do you want to learn how to do this powerful, effective, traditional Pilates exercise? This in depth guide is the ultimate tutorial to help you achieve the perfect technique and form with your teaser! With a visual and written guide for four different levels of teaser from beginner to the traditional complete Teaser, this is perfect for everyone!

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Fit and Fabulous - Your Seven Day Workout Schedule

Sun, September 11, 2016

Summer bodies are made in Spring! To feel and look your best this Summer now is the time to give it your all!  Pilates does not only make you look fantastic though, it can give great relief and remedy to chronic pain, aches, strains and trouble zones. Our website has an entire catalogue of workouts dedicated to rehabilitation and pain relief. Whether it's back or neck pain, hamstring tightness, knee pain, flexibility or posture problems, we have a workout designed for you! These workouts are very effective and will help to relieve your aches and pains! I have put our Online Studio to the definitive test this week by personally following our weekly schedule. We have been sailing  to the glaciers in Alaska, and although the ship has a gym, I decided to workout from the comfort of our cabin. How convenient it was, not to mention warmer and cosier.    The magnificence of Alaska is hard to describe but you can all workout with me there in the coming weeks. I know you'll love it!   See you on the mat!

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Renew and Rejuvenate - Your Seven Day Workout Schedule

Sun, September 04, 2016

We have leapt into the first week of Spring, for some, and Autumn for others! It's a fantastic time for cleansing, renewal and rejuvenation, a fresh start in all aspects of life! Sometimes we need "markers" in life to keep us motivated. Whether it be the beginning of a new season, an upcoming special event or even when you just know the time is right to refresh, revitalise and reclaim your health and wellness. This weeks scheduled workouts will see you moving, working and stretching, getting your bodies functioning the way they were designed to work, and leading you down the road to a fitter, toned, healthier, more fantastic you!   Remember:  Today is Your Day Start Fresh Eat Right Exercise Your Body and Mind Stand Proud Enjoy Life Let's make this week your best yet!

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New Orleans: Where We Ate!

Fri, September 02, 2016

In New Orleans the food isn't just good...it's historic! New Orleans is a foodie's dream, and it's a lot of fun trying the local delicacies! Check out the blog for my top recommendations from the places we ate: a mixed bag of delicious Louisiana fare!

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My Top Things To Do In New Orleans & Louisiana!

Thu, September 01, 2016

New Orleans was such a spectacular experience! From the debauchery of Bourbon Street, the amazing food and music of Frenchman Street, the history at the World War II Museum right through to the continuing devastation of Hurricane Katrina, NOLA was an experience I'll never forget. Check out my top picks for what to do in this beautiful city, it's an absolute must!

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Create Great Habits - Your Seven Day Workout Schedule

Sat, August 27, 2016

Has anyone noticed how once you become more focused and make time for your workouts every day,  they become an essential part of your daily routine? Are you looking forward to your next workout because you feel so great and look so good afterwards? Have you noticed small changes in your body shape that quickly become obvious changes that others begin to notice? Are you standing taller and feeling leaner? Pilates just has so many added benefits to other fitness routines! Pilates is not about how many quick repetitions you can do of an exercise. Pilates is about controlled movement. With focus and quality range of motion you are engaging and activating all the appropriate muscles. Remember, quality of movement is better than quantity! You will see and feel the difference! We have been working out and filming from some of New York's hottest locations. From the elegance and beauty of Central Park to the magnificent skyline backdrop of Brooklyn, I hope you have loved being able to join me as we immersed ourselves in such an incredible part of our planet! This week travel with me to the picturesque Caribbean as we workout in the tropical sunshine surrounded by heavenly beaches! You will almost be able to feel the sultry sea breezes on your skin!

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The Best Of St. Martin & Caribbean!

Tue, August 23, 2016

If you are in need of a relaxing, stress free holiday and dream of being whisked away to an exotic island, St. Martin is the ideal destination! Days filled with sunshine, sand, swimming, snorkelling, salty air and sea breezes are the ultimate combination for a perfect Caribbean escape. Check out what we did whilst on the island, and all of my favourite highlights and photos from the trip!

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Fitness, Strength, Flexibility - Seven Day Workout Schedule

Sat, August 20, 2016

The countdown is on. Only ten days until the Southern Hemisphere leaps into Spring and our northern neighbours bound into Autumn! With this in mind our focus this week is making your body feel and look as good as it was designed to.  Our workouts will revolve around the three factors of fitness: strength, flexibility and endurance. Aim to do at least one of the scheduled workouts every day for the next seven days. With regular practice you will reap amazing results, not only in how you look but also how fantastic you will feel! We have been filming some exciting workouts for you all this week from the most exhilarating, inspiring, uplifting locations in the world! You're going to love working out there with me! Can't wait to share them with you!   We love hearing your success stories so keep them coming! See you on the mat!

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