How A Resistance Band Can Give You A Firmer, Fitter, Younger Body!

Tue, October 11, 2016

Resistance bands are the ultimate tool to firm, define and lengthen your entire body, they are truly the secret elixir to a youthful, fit, healthy physique. Bands are fantastic for those who want to do our online workouts at home or who like to take their workouts on the road like me! Check out how adding resistance bands to your workout will transform your body and also my favourite resistance band workouts!

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Feel Fantastic, Look Sensational - Your Seven Day Workout Schedule

Sun, October 09, 2016

Just like anything else, the more you practice Pilates, the better you will become! Pilates is a physical, challenging method of fitness that will work you to the core, literally! Consistency is the absolute key with Pilates, the results will be phenomenal with dedication to your workouts. The exercises in Pilates move your body exactly how it’s meant to moved, in every possible range of motion! Stick with it and the visible results will start to show, including defined muscles, stronger core, better posture and a leaner, slimmer physique. Along with the physical benefits, you will also notice no niggling back aches, no more neck tension, you will breathe easier and feel more energetic and more revitalised than ever before! As Joseph Pilates said, “In ten sessions you feel better, in 20 sessions you look better, in 30 sessions you have a completely new body.”  So let's get started! 

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Transform Your Body And Your Life: Why You Should Start Pilates Today!

Fri, October 07, 2016

Lean, toned muscles, flexibility, stamina, strength and control...these are a few words that spring to mind when I think of a Pilates body! Pilates truly allows you to unlock your body's full potential, moving your body through every plane of motion to not only sculpt your muscles to perfection, but also give you the movent in your joints and spine that are required to stay strong, pain free and also inury free. Check out why you should start your Pilates practice today!

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The Van Diaries…Week Three!

Thu, October 06, 2016

This is what I imagine heaven looks like.... Week three of the Van Diaries has been the most scenic yet, we had a magic week taking in all of the sights, mountain biking, kayaking, hiking and filming workouts for the online studio in incredible locations! Check out what we've been up to this past week!

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My Top Five Favourite Leg Firming Workouts!

Wed, October 05, 2016

I have been receiving a lot of messages from our members asking for the best workout videos from the online studio to firm, tone and define the lower body. So I thought I'd share with you all my personal top five favourite lower body sculpting workouts! These have been on high rotation while I've been on the road, using the small equipment I have (and also no equipment at all!) and I have been loving how effective they are! These workouts will not only sculpt your legs but also give you a fantastic stretch for that famous lean, toned Pilates figure!

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Achieve Your Goals - Your 7 Day Workout Schedule

Sun, October 02, 2016

Well, here we are in October! Can you believe it? Christmas is just around the corner, again! It's a great time of year right now to set goals. Make Christmas your aim to be the fittest and healthiest version of yourself that you can be. Don't wait for New Year resolutions, make changes to your lifestyle now!  By making "you time"  and doing your Pilates workouts, not only will you feel fantastic and notice changes in yourself but others will too, and that's amazing and it's rewarding.  So roll out your mat, press play and let's go!  See you on the mat!

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My Top Stretches For Eliminating Hip Pain!

Thu, September 29, 2016

Let's face it, stretching is a critical, actually make that essential, part of any fitness routine. I'm a firm believer that simply stretching can alleviate the majority of chronic joint and muscle pain. These simple and effective stretches will not only stretch your hips, but also the surrounding muscles that can become notoriously tight and be the unsuspecting culprit behind your aches and pains. Try them right now and feel the difference!

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The Van Diaries: Weeks One And Two!

Tue, September 27, 2016

The beginning of the Van Diaries, all about our first two weeks in our brand new mobile home! Our plan was to have little to no plan and to see where the road takes us...and it has turned out to be the best thing we ever did. Check out where we have been and what we've been up to so far!

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Small Changes, Huge Differences - Your 7 Day Workout Schedule

Sat, September 24, 2016

Small changes can make huge differences, not only in your physical appearance but also in your mindset and outlook on life. With the busy lifestyles we all lead, sometimes finding time to drive to a gym session or change into workout gear to get to a class can be a challenge and be off-putting in our efforts to be fit and healthy. You may want to simply stretch your your body, relieve neck or back pain or even strengthen pelvic floor muscles. This is where we step in. In the time it takes to get to gym or waiting to go to a scheduled class, your workout can be done and dusted, on specific areas or all over, in the privacy of your own space! Even if you skip that cup of coffee, or get up that few minutes earlier to fit in a 10 or 15 minute blast, these small changes will make a huge difference. Nothing feels better than being confident in how you look and feel and with regular sessions on the Online Studio that's exactly what you'll get!  It's portable, it's convenient, it's affordable and it gets results! You'll look great and feel fantastic! This week we'll all be working out together at Crator Lake in Oregon, the beauty of this location will take your breath away.   See you on the mat!

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My Fitness Travel Essentials: What I Can’t Live Without On The Road!

Thu, September 22, 2016

I wanted to share with all of you my fitness travelling essentials! These are the items I can’t live without while we are on the road in our RV, travelling all over the USA and Canada! Check out my absolute essential items, along with some tips on how you can incorporate these into your next holiday and stay healthy, fit and toned, anytime and absolutely anywhere!

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