Amazing Results - Your Seven Day Workout Schedule

Sun, November 20, 2016

Hi Everyone! Week four of our challenge! Can you believe it!? Without knowing it, we have all given our bodies the gift of health and wellness. The beautiful thing about Pilates is not only does it keep you lean and toned but it helps with chronic pain, aches and stiffness and dramatically strengthens your core. It just makes you feel great! Stand proud and be absolutlely in love with how you look and feel! Someone who works on their physical fitness has something no money can buy. A fit body shows dedication, discipline, self-respect, patience, persistence and passion! All of these principles are deeply ingrained in Pilates. The results we have seen over the last three weeks are phenomonal! Conviction and dedication brings accomplishment and satisfaction that you are nourishing your body with your diet, functionality and exercise. Reach for your goals! Make time for your workouts, you deserve it! Looking forward to working out with everyone this week! Let's make it a great one!

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Front Hip Pain? How To Heal Those Hip Flexors!

Fri, November 18, 2016

Do you sit for four or more hours a day? Do you suffer from lower back pain? Do you feel tightness in the front of your hips when you're doing Pilates exercises? If the answer is yes, then this blog is for you! Hip flexor strains and pains are becoming much more prevalent with our sedentary lifestyles. In the majority of cases of hip flexor strains, the cause of the pain is not at the front of the hip, but in weak, tight gluteal muscles. To eliminate hip flexor pain we need to get to the root of the problem. The following blog will help you not only eliminate your pain, but also give you better body awareness so you understand why and how this occurs!

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Our Van Diaries: Our Stories From The Mid West To The East Coast!

Tue, November 15, 2016

Welcome to our first Van Diaries vlog detailing our trip over the past 10 days as we have travelled through the mid west and east coast of the USA! Previously I have been blogging about the trip, but the van diaries lets you come along for the ride with us as we drive and discuss what we've loved, funny memories, our reccomendations and more! We love hearing your feedback, so check out our youtube channel by clicking here, subscribe and leave us a comment!

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My Top Tips For Eliminating Bloating And Water Retention!

Tue, November 15, 2016

Are you putting in the hard yards with your workouts, yet baffled as to way your not seeing sculpted, toned muscles? Bloating and water retention, both of which are easily cured, could be to blame! Getting the results you want can be a delicate balance, it's all about eating the right foods, exercising smarter and improving digestion. So, if you finally want to get a toned tummy and reveal those sculpted legs, here are my key tips on how to tone up and debloat!

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Seeing Results - Your Seven Day Workout Schedule

Sat, November 12, 2016

Welcome to Week Three of the Pilates by Lisa November Challenge for 2016! With 2 weeks down and 2 to go we have been overwhelmed with the results that are flooding in! We are hearing stories of outfits feeling looser and dropping clothes sizes already. Have you noticed you are standing taller, feeling stronger and aches and pains have all but disappeared? You're not alone, others have too! Every journey begins with one step and we are well and truly striding through November. As you are seeing results you will strive for more progress and with more progress you will achieve a level of health, fitness and vitality that your body deserves! Be proud of what you've achieved so far and look forward to even greater, more awesome results! We are excited seeing these results! This week our journey takes us through 14 specifically selected workouts that will make you stronger, leaner, toned and more flexible.  I am there with you every step of the way so bring on Week 3!

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My Top Strategies For Getting Fit Again (Or For The First Time!)

Thu, November 10, 2016

Life isn't a dress rehearsal, this is it! It's too short and fleeting to never realise your bodies full potential and just how amazing you can feel. If you're looking for reasons to keep pushing on with your exercise routine or you need a helping hand back up on the wagon, this is it! The longer you don’t commit to exercise, the harder it feels to get back to it. These are some mental reset tricks I’ve used personally in the past, and they will work for you too!

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The Van Diaries Vlog: Part One!

Tue, November 08, 2016

I am so excited to bring you part one of the Van Diaries Vlog! Timmy and I set off three months ago on the adventure of a lifetime, we packed up our things and bought one way tickets to the USA with plans to make an RV our home and travel through every state! Back in Australia, Tim decided life was too short to let adventure pass him by, so he put his corporate career on hold to travel the world. When we started dating I had no intentions of travelling, but it was only two weeks before he made a suggestion I hadn’t even dared to consider…”Why don’t you come with me?” It turns out that the timing really couldn’t have been more perfect, my online studio 'Pilates By Lisa' would allow me to travel, and I wasn’t about to let the best thing I’ve ever known pass me by. So without even hesitating we started planning our dream trip! We have so far been to 16 different states, with many more to go! WE WANT TO KNOW: What do you want to see? What questions would you like to ask us? We are going to be vlogging every week so tell us what you'd like to know about our trip!

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Feeling Results - Your Seven Day Workout Schedule

Sat, November 05, 2016

It's Week Two of the Pilates by LisaNovember Challenge for 2016! We've heard a few whispers of looser clothing, boosted energy and some bodies that are feeling sensational! Our 4 week challenge is designed to transform your body with dynamic workouts and a fantastic meal plan to get you into the best shape of your life. Follow the program, not only will you look sensational but you will feel amazing! It's never too late to change your life. This week we all want to keep the motivation flowing! Believe in yourself. Aim high. Eat healthy. Remember your goals. Move your body the way it was designed to move! We are here to help you get results, help you ease aches and pains and help you be the very best version of you! Share your workouts with your social networks. Show everyone what you’re up to and impress them with your motivation. Tag friends on our photos that you'd love to join the challenge, we have some great prizes to give away to the person who tags the most friends! Also, we have prizes for the most check-ins. Use #pilatesbylisa and tag @pilatesbylisa for your chance to win!

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The Van Diaries…Week Six And Seven!

Thu, November 03, 2016

From natural arches and gigantic sculptures to ghost towns straight from the zombie apocalypse, the last fortnight has been as amazing as it has been diverse! Check out what we've been up to as the Van travelled through three states!

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Everything You Need For Success With Your Workouts!

Tue, November 01, 2016

Depending on where you are in the world, the Spring Into Summer Online Challenge may have started for you yesterday or it might be day one today! I've been so overwhelmed with the incredible feedback from all of you after receiving your eBooks, I'm so thrilled you love it is as much as I do! I've been so inspired by your feedback that I want to share today some more practices and tips I personally use to stay on track for all four weeks of the challenge! This is a follow up on the "Tips For Success" in your EBook, and I would love to hear your tips too! It's not too late to sign up, all you need to do is become a member at and your free EBook will be delivered to your inbox so you're ready to go!

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