Kickstart Your Pilates Day 10: Strong, Healthy Spine

Wed, April 12, 2017

Welcome to day ten of your Kickstart Your Pilates Series! A healthy, strong, flexible spine is the very foundation of solid pilates practice, as Joe Pilates famously said: "A man is only as young as his spinal column!" We are going to be moving through every possible range of motion, increasing your range of motion so that you can see progress in all areas of your Pilates practice! This will also work to strengthen and define the muscles that surround the spine, the erector spine. I love this workout and I hope you do too!

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Kickstart Your Pilates Day Nine: Internal Resistance!

Tue, April 11, 2017

Today we are going to revise some of the exercises we have been learning, however this session will be focusing on creating “internal resistance”. When I say internal resistance, I mean switching on the Powerhouse, waking up your core and conditioning the deep intrinsic muscles that makes Pilates so effective! When you do Pilates you have two options. You can just go through the motions and the grind without really thinking about how or why you are moving, or you can concentrate on creating internal resistance, amp it up and switch on smaller muscles to get a deeper, much more effective workout!

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Kickstart Your Pilates 14 Day Beginner Series: Day Eight!

Mon, April 10, 2017

Day Eight, the start of brand new week! I hope you’re feeling refreshed, motivated and ready to go! Yesterday focused on creating strong, supportive glutes and and slimming and toning your legs. Today, we are stretching and lengthening these muscles to not only look leaner, but also to create happy healthy hips! No matter what work we are doing in Pilates, whether it’s abdominal, lower body or upper body work, we are constantly moving our legs through BIG ranges of motion! These include flexion and extension, abduction and adduction and also rotation. Strong, healthy and very flexible hips are absolutely essential to making progress in the pilates method, as your hip improve you will notice all areas of your practice improving dramatically too!

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Kickstart Your Pilates Week Two - Your Seven Day Workout Schedule

Sun, April 09, 2017

Week two of the Kickstart Your Pilates Program is ready to kick off! Thank you to everyone for the amazing feedback! The program is designed to get down to the very basics so you can maximise your workouts and get real results. You will also get a greater understanding of the Pilates method. I always uphold the integrity of the classic, traditional method of Pilates. By going back to basics you can be sure that no matter how many workouts are on the online studio, you are getting a great workout from each and every one whilst still knowing you are moving your body in the most effective, functional way possible. Nothing fancy or for show, just great, honest Pilates work. This week we filmed in the tres magnifique city of Paris! This workout will be part of our upcoming Winter Warmer Challenge, coming soon and free to all members! And remember....the Kickstart Series will be a permanent addition to the Online Studio which means you can repeat any of the days until you feel ready to move on. If you want to repeat Day 5 for 3 or 4 days, that's OK, or if you want to go back and refresh and revise a day you've already done, that's OK too, you choose when you're ready to progress! We will continue to e-mail a weekly schedule to all members for those who would still like to follow a workout routine or even add the workouts to the daily kickstart series. See you on the mat!

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Kickstart Your Pilates Day7: Strong Glutes!

Sun, April 09, 2017

Day Seven is all about strong glutes. The Powerhouse is comprised of all the muscles that surround your pelvis, that includes your butt. So today, we will be focusing on the glutes, which are an underlying muscle that supports the pelvis and the hip joints, keeps the pelvis well aligned, supports the lower back and also promotes knee health as well. Strong glutes give us a strong powerhouse!

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Kickstart Your Pilates 14 Day Beginner Series: Day Six!

Sat, April 08, 2017

Day six, you have almost completed a full week of Pilates, make sure you acknowledge that…it’s no easy feat! Today’s workout focuses on the muscles of the back, in particular the back extensors. Your core does not finish at your abdominals, in Pilates we refer to the “girdle of strength” that wraps right around your centre and includes back extensors. This is your entire core, or your Powerhouse as we call it in Pilates! Working these muscles not only builds a well-supported spine but also increases it’s longevity and completes the Powerhouse to give you balanced, even strength. A strong back is essential for good health (and looks great in summer tops too!)

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Kickstart Your Pilates 14 Day Beginner Series Day Five: The Abdominal Series!

Fri, April 07, 2017

Wow, week one is coming to a close, if you have been joining me every day of the working week, well done! Today we are getting into the nitty gritty of the abdominals and working the entire Powerhouse with the Series Of Five. This series is integral to the Pilates Mat Work and you just can’t beat it for effectiveness, it is second to none for achieving strength, tone, stability, flexibility, precision and alignment. Today’s workout has a strong emphasis on the tradition transitions, the flow of movement and the technique required to make these five exercises seamless!

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Kickstart Your Pilates 14 Day Beginner Series Day Four: Find Length

Thu, April 06, 2017

Congratulations on making it to day four! That means that you have shown up to the mat and exercised with me for the majority of your week, that's an achievement in itself! Today we are going to really slow it down and move at a more deliberate pace. you've put in a lot of hard work so far making it through three days of progressions, now it's time to focus on the stretches and flexibility you need to progress to that next level.

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Kickstart Your Pilates 14 Day Beginner Series Day Three: Progression

Wed, April 05, 2017

Welcome back for day three of your "Kickstart Your Pilates" 14 Day Ultimate Beginner Series! I am SO excited you've joined me again and made the effort to meet me on the mat, so let's make it count! Today we are going to do some more slight progressions on the exercises that we have been practicing, so that you can see exactly how all of these fundamental movements apply to every single exercise.

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Kickstart Your Pilates 14 Day Beginner Series Day Two: Just A Little More!

Tue, April 04, 2017

Welcome back! I'm so thrilled you have rolled out your mat and joined me for a second day in a row! That's an accompishment within itself, as sometimes just getting your mat out can be half the battle. So keep it up! Day Two is just a very slight progression from day one, it's all about making small changes that will piece together to give you the strongest foundation possible! We wil be making a few slight adjustments to our range of motion, engagement and adding in variations.

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