Goal Setting - Your Seven Day Workout Schedule

Sun, August 27, 2017

Hi Everyone! Last week we touched on mindset, and this week we are talking about goal setting and goal getting! This week I posted about setting a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed every morning. The feeling of rolling out my mat at sunrise and getting my workout done before the day even begins motivates me every single day! Sometimes I even lie in bed waiting for it to be a reasonable hour so I can get up and start my Pilates sesh! If you are more of a night owl or you circumstances make an evening Pilates workout your only option, a few quick tips can help you get your session done! Instead of changing into your comfiest pants when you get home from work, try changing into your favourite workout gear. Have your mat and equipment within sight and reach as soon as you get home, it can be hard to ignore it if they are staring you in the face! Make dinner your reward for finishing your workout and just think of how much sweeter it will be flicking on Netflix and relaxing after a great workout! If you're looking for some fresh inspiration, try making this week’s workout schedule your daily meeting with me. I’ll be there…promise!

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Your Ultimate Arm Sculpting Moves!

Thu, August 24, 2017

You don't need fancy, expensive equipment to get strong, sculpted arms and shoulders, you just need the right moves! Using the simple, portable and oh-so-effective resistance band, we are going to no only carve out a killer upper body, but also strengthen the deep stabilising muscles that support your shoulder joint, scapula and upper spine!

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My Personal Fitness Routine!

Mon, August 21, 2017

Recently I've been recieving a lot of emails asking about my own fitness regime and whether I follow my own Pilates workout videos from the online studio. Today's blog is a sneak peek into my own personal workout routine and exactly what I do every single day, along with tips on how you can implement some of these habits and discover your perfect routine!

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Roll Out Your Mat! - Your Seven Day Workout Schedule

Sun, August 20, 2017

Hi Everyone! This week I want you to focus on your mindset so you can be the happiest, healthiest version of you possible! Setting in place healthy, strong habits will not only keep you accountable, but also ensure long term success. Rather than viewing your diet or exercise as a plan or program you follow, view them both as just how you will be eating and moving from here on! The idea of a diet/program/plan implies that it is only for the short term to get a certain result, before going back to old habits and old ways. Instead, adopt the mindset that you eat in a way that nourishes you, and move in a way that conditions, strengthens and tones your body that is sustainable for life! Ditch the idea of exercise being a chore, and embrace moving everyday as a way to look after your body and to feel and look your best. Follow this weekly schedule and discover just how much you can fall in love with moving your body. Make it a part of your daily routine, just like brushing your teeth or showering...it's non negotiable! See you on the mat!

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My Ultimate Stretching Workouts To Trim, Tone And Strengthen Your Body!

Thu, August 17, 2017

These are my BEST workout video routines to get strong, lean, fit and flexible! Stretching your body every day gives you INCREDIBLE results, you will dramatically improve your posture, banish aches and pains, get more out of your workouts due to your increased range of motion and create the long, lean muscles Pilates is famous for! Try one of these workouts each day this week and see how much it changes your body and your life!

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Winter Is Waning - Your Seven Day Workout Schedule

Sun, August 13, 2017

Hi Everyone! Taking time in your day to workout should not only give you the benefit of looking great, it should make you feel full of energy and optimised as well.  This week is about making every moment count. If you're like me, from here until the end of the year  means your workload is full...it feels like everything is happening at once! Make your workout work for you, not only whilst you are doing it but enjoy the feeling of accomplishment once you're done, enjoy the motivation you feel to get jobs done during the day and enjoy standing proud and tall knowing you are doing great things for your mind, body AND wellbeing!  Our next member's Challenge is taking shape nicely. The Spring Into Summer Challenge is coming in November so start prepping those bodies now!   See you on the mat!

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Ultimate Leg Toning Moves For The Foam Roller!

Wed, August 09, 2017

These are the ultimate Pilates exercises to sculpt, tone and define your lower body with the foam roller! Not only will they slim and shape your legs, but they will also improve your joint health by strengthening your deepest stabilising muscles and working your entire core.

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How Pilates By Lisa Builds A Strong, Lifted, Toned Butt: The Science To Prove It!

Tue, August 08, 2017

A firm, lifted butt is the Pilates By Lisa speciality, and we have the science to back it! A toned derriere will benefit you far beyond the aesthetics and improve your joint health, mobility, performance and stamina. Why are strong glutes critical? And how exactly do our workouts achieve such great results? Check out this blog now!

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Active August - Your Seven Day Workout Schedule

Sun, August 06, 2017

Hi Everyone! Why is Pilates so amazing? Anyone, no matter their age, size or fitness level, can take part and reap the incredible benefits. The results are undeniable and sometimes unbelievable, it's effective and it can be as challenging or as gentle as you like due to the versatility of each exercise. Pilates exercises dramatically strengthen the core and pelvic floor, providing stability, strength and support for the spine. So not only will you have a lean, toned figure, but it also increases the longevity of your joints and eliminates aches and pains so you can exercise forever! If you want amazing posture, strength, balance, flexibility and a toned, taut figure, then Pilates is definitely for you! Don't wait another day, press play right now and you will see AND feel the benefits for yourself! See you on the mat!

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Amp Up August - Your Seven Day Workout Schedule

Sun, July 30, 2017

Hi Everyone! This week we stride into Active August! The last month of Winter means Summer is just around the corner! Now is the time to get that toned, sleek, fit Pilates body ready for the warmer months.  Remember Summer bodies are made in Winter!  And for all our Northern Hemisphere members, bodies for those Winter fasions are made in Summer! No matter the time of year or the weather there's nothing better than both looking AND feeling sensational.  We have seen some amazing photos of your tranformations this week.....WOW! We truly are on the road to the fittest, healthiest, happiest versions of ourselves! You're going to love this weeks workout schedule!    See you on the mat!

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