Join Our Spring Challenge, Don’t Miss Out - Your Seven Day Workout Schedule

Sun, November 05, 2017

Hi Everyone! All members have now received their Spring Into Summer Member's Challenge eBook! With this plan you will Spring clean your body, boost your metabolism so you burn fat and feel fitter, stronger and happier than ever! Follow the plan, not only will you look sensational but you will feel amazing! Let's build great routines together over the next 4 weeks.  Feel proud, stand tall and see real changes. When you do Pilates, people will notice. This eBook has been designed by me just for you. If you want amazing posture, strength, balance, flexibility and a toned, taut figure in time for Summer, then this Challenge is for you!   The eBook is packed full of content to build great habits for Spring that you will carry on through Summer and beyond!  Spring is the perfect time for renewal, transformation and to shine your brightest.  Keep your motivation up and see how other members are going by checking in with me on our members only Facebook forum, our Facebook page, Instagram or the online studio at We will be having Facebook live chats on the Forum Page every Wednesday morning at 6 am AEST (7am AEDT), plus the chats will also be posted and available for viewing afterwards. You can submit your questions at any time during the week on the Forum page! Also, win great prizes! Share your comments, photos and achievements with us on the official Pilates by Lisa Facebook page,  our Instagram page or on your own pages using @pilatesbylisa & #pilatesbylisa. We love seeing your results, your meals and we love hearing when others start noticing your changes! And finally, don't forget your bonus weekly moves! Small add ons bring big changes! Try it for the next 4 weeks.  Let's get "Challenging"! See you on the mat and in the kitchen!

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Friday Favourites: My Handbag Essentials

Wed, November 01, 2017

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably curious as to what people carry with them, a peek inside a woman's handbag is like glimpse into her life and personal style! I thought I’d give you a little look at my non-negotiable handbag essentials, the items I carry with me each and every day!

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My Ultimate Butt Lifting, Thigh Sculpting Moves!

Tue, October 31, 2017

These are my ultimate go-to butt lifting and thigh sculpting exercises! Not only do they create a sculpted, lifted, firm behind but they also assist in keeping the pelvis in it's neutral alignment! They also maintain the stability of the hip joint, keep the lower back healthy and improve your overall alignment and stamina. Check it out now!

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Now You Can Have The Body You Want From The Comfort Of Home: New Weekly Workout Schedule!

Sun, October 29, 2017

We are SO excited to be leading up to the "Spring Into Summer Challenge" for 2017! Our 4 week challenge is designed to transform your body, mindset, motivation and nutritional values and to get all our members into into the best shape of their lives. Follow the plan, not only will you look sensational but you will feel amazing! Let's set goals, let's maximise our results and let's be the absolute best versions of ourselves possible!

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Friday Favourites: My ULTIMATE Skin Care Routine!

Tue, October 24, 2017

For today's Friday Favourites I'm sharing my ULTIMATE morning and evening skin care routine! I have used Rosehip oil religiously for over 15 years, it is a non-negotiable part of my daily routine. Now being a rosehip connoisseur, I truly believe I've stumbled on my holy grail products and I'm so excited to share it with you! Read on for my morning and evening products and routines, plus a FANTASTIC discount code exclusive to all of you!

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My Anti Aging Skin Care Routine!

Tue, October 24, 2017

Today I’ll be sharing with you my anti Aging Skin Care Routine! I am a firm believer in aging gracefully and naturally using all natural products. Any products with additives, perfumes or alcohols irritate and breakout my skin, so I like to stick to products that are full of natural, organic ingredients that nourish and condition the skin without any hidden nasties. I’ve been searching for the perfect skin care routine my entire adult life, and I’ve FINALLY found my perfect match! Click here to watch the video!

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You Press Play We Do The Rest-Your Seven Day Workout Schedule

Sat, October 21, 2017

Completely transform your body and your life, a new you is only clicks away. Our comprehensive, detailed weekly schedules are designed to maximise your results and enhance your life. It takes the stress and fuss out of knowing exactly what workouts you should be doing each day, saving you time and effort that you can focus into your session instead! Every single week I personally create a perfectly balanced workout schedule to follow every day to take the guess work out of your daily routine so you can focus on what matters most. This week’s schedule is the perfect lead up to our upcoming Spring Into Summer Online Challenge, kicking off November. The challenge is absolutely FREE to all current members, you will receive a free eBook with recipes, meal plans, a monthly workout schedule, bonus moves, articles, tips and so much more! We also have incredible prizes up for grabs from our sponsors, daily motivation in our members only Facebook forum and LIVE weekly Q and A chats with me! So roll out your mat, press play and we’ll do the rest. See you on the mat! Lisa x

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All New Friday Favourites!

Thu, October 19, 2017

Welcome to a fresh, new Friday Favourites! ! Each Friday I share a few of my favourite things, including what's on my plate, the workout I'm loving, what I'm wearing, my favourite binge TV and my go-to beauty products! If you have any requests for what you would like to see in the Friday Favourites please let me know and I will make sure I share it with you!

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How To Get A Slim Waist: Best Waist Slimming Exercises

Tue, October 17, 2017

Today I’ll be taking you through the best waist slimming exercises, targeting and toning the internal and external obliques! These Pilates moves are not only the best exercises to slim and define your waistline but also to strengthen your entire Powerhouse. All you need is your mat, so lets get started!

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The Secret Of Looking & Feeling Sensational-Your Seven Day Workout Schedule

Sun, October 15, 2017

Hi Everyone, The big secret to feeling and looking sensational? Aside from Pilates…it’s consistency! Since I started the online studio, I have noticed there is one main ingredient that keeps people from reaching their fitness goals, and that thing is consistency. Sometimes we tend to be impatient when it comes to exercise. Too many times exercise plans are abandoned without allowing enough time to reap the incredible benefits. No matter what we do in life we will not achieve the success we want unless we continue to work at it. It doesn’t matter if you only have time to fit in one workout per week, as long as you fit that workout in week in and week out you will SEE and FEEL the difference! Our upcoming “Spring Into Summer Challenge” is the perfect opportunity to create new, healthy habits and the ultimate fitness routine to reach your goals and true potential! The challenge is absolutely FREE to all current members, you will receive a free eBook with recipes, meal plans, a monthly workout schedule, bonus moves, articles, tips and so much more! We also have incredible prizes up for grabs from our sponsors, daily motivation in our members only Facebook forum and LIVE weekly Q and A chats with me! Let’s unlock the secret and create the habit together. See you on the mat!

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