Natural Butt Lift Ankle Weight Home Workout!

Fri, November 08, 2019

Today I'll be giving you a sneak peek at our brand NEW "PBL LIVE: Ankle Weight Toning" 45 minute video on the online studio! Today we are incorporating ankle weights into our workout to sculpt, tone and define the entire body and take things to the next level! Not only will the addition of the weights give you additional sculpting benefits, they will also assist form and technique in a number of the exercises!

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Did you know Pilates by Lisa Has an amazing Facebook forum group open to all members?

Fri, October 18, 2019

If you're looking for motivation, advice, encouragement and a place to truly feel comfortable, included and to make genuine friends, then our forum is for you! You can chat with Lisa and other members about anything from workouts to the weather! You'll always feel welcome! The forum is a great group of friendly, like-minded members, all enjoying the healthy Pilates addiction! As part of our global community you are welcome to join us!

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LOOK AT WHAT’S COMING UP! We’re excited!

Sat, October 12, 2019

LOOK AT WHAT’S COMING UP! We’re excited! Upcoming PBL Challenges to not only get you looking great BUT feeling sensational too! Don't miss out! All Challenges are included in your membership!

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My Best Pilates Tips For Beginners!

Fri, September 27, 2019

Ever wanted to do a Pilates workout, but don’t really know where to begin…or even what it really is?  You’ve heard along the grapevine that it creates killer abs and lifts your butt, but you have no idea what exactly it involves.  These are my best Pilates tips for beginners to bite the bullet and start your Pilates practice! Warning: You will be HOOKED once you start, it’s so addictive!

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Lengthen, strengthen and elongate every muscle in the body with stretching workouts that dramatically enhance flexibility!

Fri, September 20, 2019

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The Rehab Series: Wrist Pain Tutorial

Thu, September 12, 2019

“The Rehab Series: Wrist Pain Tutorial” is the ultimate way to rehabilitate the wrists and keep pain away for good!  I designed this session with two main conditions in mind: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tendonitis. ⁣⁣

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The ULTIMATE Complete Body Resistance Band Workout!

Fri, August 30, 2019

This is an incredible 8 minute intense Pilates complete body at home resistance band workout to target, tone and define the muscles from head to toe! It is the ULTIMATE routine for strong, toned abs, a healthy, aligned spine, sculpted, lifted glutes and defined, powerful arms! Follow along with this video for all 3 circuits for a KILLER effective workout!

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Get Perfect Posture & Prevent Hunched Shoulders! Pilates Back Strength Workout

Wed, August 21, 2019

Today I'll be giving you a sneak peek at our brand NEW "Back Strength Ball Workout" video on the online studio! This is a 5 minute workout using the overball to engage and enhance the all important back extensor muscles! This will improve posture, align the spine and also define and tone every inch of the back of the body! Not only does the ball provide resistance for incredible toning results, but it also aligns you in every exercise perfectly so you know you are getting the most out of every movement! Repeat X3 for an amazing posture improving workout!

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Best Pilates Resistance Band Ab Workout For a Toned Six Pack!

Thu, August 15, 2019

Today I'll be giving you a sneak peek at our brand NEW "PBL LIVE 33: Band Body Sculpting" video on the online studio! This is a 5 minute intense Pilates abs at home resistance band workout to target the entire core. This is the ultimate routine for strong, toned, defined six pack abs! Repeat X3 for a KILLER ab chiseling workout!

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Magic Circle Reformer Workout Video!

Thu, August 01, 2019

Today I'll be giving you a sneak peek at our brand NEW "Magic Makeover Reformer Workout" video on the online studio! In this workout we will be going through one of my all time favourite reformer sequences with the legs in straps using the magic circle. You are not going to believe just how much the magic circle changes these exercises for you! You are going to feel the BURN through the entire lower body, but you are also going to find that technique is corrected and form is perfected with this incredible piece of equipment.

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