6 Morning Rituals To Get You Off To the Best Start

Thu, April 28, 2016

Your morning routine is so important for the direction of the entire day! Without fail I incorporate these six rituals every morning to set myself up for an amazing day! While they are simple, these small routines keep me healthy, happy and grounded. Are any of these a part of your routine too? I'd love to hear yours!

Lemon water. 

I usually wake around 5 am, I'm defintiely more of a morning person and I love ticking things off my to-do list early! First thing of a morning I prepare myself a warm lemon water with a splash of apple cider vinegar or fresh ginger. I make sure it's the first thing I do to help alkalise my system and fire up my digestion. I also love sipping something warm this time of year when I first wake up!

Morning walk/jog and Pilates. 

I like to move my body early in the morning to feel energised for the entire day. I usually go for an outdoor walk/jog and finish with a Pilates mat workout from the online studio. It truly is the best way to boost your mood and give you the ultimate start to you day!

Morning Cappucino. 

It’s a special ritual, and one that I just can't go without! I believe in moderation, and my morning coffee is part of that. I love going for a walk with mum and Diggity to our local coffee shop, sitting in the sunshine, doing the quiz from the newspaper and taking in the view of Burleigh beach. There is nothing like it!

Dry body brushing. 

This is such a soothing way to nourish your skin and feel revitalised. Dry body brushing encourages skin cell renewal by shedding dead cells, meaning smoother, brighter skin and better circulation. I spend about five minutes every day brushing my skin!

Healthy Breakfast

By this time it is around 7 am, and it's time for breakfast!  I usually prepare a healthy breakfast at home, either eggs with avocado, a green smoothie of coconut water, banana, spinach and a little honey or on a cold day, I love a bowl of porridge topped with fresh fruit and maybe a little cacao mixed in! When I’m feeling creative, I’ll work on a new breakfast recipe, I can't wait to try some of the new breakfast recipes from our new eBook as a part of our "May Makeover" challenge, free to all of our online members!

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