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Workout Motivation

Workout Motivation: How To Avoid Workout Barriers

You know the scenario: you’re full of workout motivation and want to do a session in the afternoon after a long day at work. You keep thinking about it, telling yourself it will DEFINITELY happen. Then you start thinking about having to get changed, fish out your mat, avoid the couch and Netflix…and you don’t […]
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pilates leg exercises

The Ultimate Butt And Thigh Pilates Workout Circuit!

There's just something about an AMAZING Butt and Thigh workout that feels SO good! As my online studio members know, I'm not one to shy away from that deep burn and bringing out the powerful Pilates moves to challenge those lower body muscles. Showing both the superficial and deeper, intrinsic muscle groups love is important for achieving balance, both aesthetically and functionally, and also avoiding injury.
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